Leeds United Vs The Arsenal (PL)

Saturday 18th December 2021
Elland Road
KO: :clock530:
:tv: Sky Sports

Into these cunts! :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:

  • Leeds win
  • Draw
  • The Arsenal win

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@Calum match day thread is back.

6-0 Arsenal shammy prediction is back!


This will be our easiest win of the season


Would be really nice to fix our dog shit away form of the last decade by starting to pick up more points on the road here

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Vulnerable weak Leeds side.

Which Arsenal side will turn up. Hopefully the one we saw today and not the one against Everton.


I dare to dream but im weary on this game. They’ll be up for this because they’ve gotta be and the crowd will back them.
Should win but I’m not confident enough to predict it.


If they press us we will be in trouble especially if they finish their dinners and put away the chances. However going on their recent form and players missing going for a landslide Arsenal win. Again Arteta will be bailed out by brilliant individual performances from the youngsters.

6-0 Arsenal

This is gonna be a tricky game like the Everton one. Leeds are gonna be desperate for something in this game. Don’t think it’s gonna be an easy game but I reckon we’ll do enough to win or at least get a point.

A draws a loss coming off a 7 0 but I agree it’s a potentially tough game but you need the win.

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We need to take it to these chumps. Morales low for them. 0-3

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I think that result puts pressure on them to make amends in the next game, which unfortunately is against us. If they show some hunger which they usually do their crowd will be behind them too.
Aside, their last result, they’ve managed to keep their last 5-10 games pretty tight.

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Btw, I would use the same team except Saka and Martinelli. Feel Saka needs a rest and Martinelli is again a worry after having to get off again. Getting a bit worried about the latter, starting to feel like another Diaby.
Eddie for Gabi, ESR for Saka. Should keep the balance of the team intact.

No way you drop Saka off the back of probably his best performance in an Arsenal shirt. People chastise Arteta for every little micromanagement and in most cases they’re wrong or over exaggerating.

If he were to drop Saka off the back of tonight I’d be fuming, kid literally looked like he was finally putting that horrible England experience of the summer behind him.

No way man

Also Martinelli did the post match interview and was buzzing.


Gotta rotate man. Played the full 90 minutes the past 3 matches. We play again on Saturday.
Kid has been getting kicked left, right and centre. Gotta manage his playing time or we’ll end up with another Wilshere.

We don’t have any midweek European games and haven’t done all season so I see rotation as unnecessary.

We should be able to get 38 games a season in the league out of players at least. It’s the bare minimum


It’s also not like he ever fucking tracks back lol


we better win or @DavidHillier will absolutely lose his shit.

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Leeds fans are real cunts, will be so sweet to embarrass them at Elland Road.

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We should be winning this much like the Everton away game, but we all know what happened in that one.

Leeds United 1-1 Arsenal.

Probably not relevant now, but my rampant dislike for this club goes back to the days of cunts like Bremner, Hunter, Clarke and co. Not only that, but it was in Leeds where I first saw some animal putting curry sauce on their chips. 0-3 to The Arsenal.