Leeds United Vs Arsenal (PL)

Sunday 22 November
Premier League Match 9
Elland Road
KO: 16:30
:tv: Sky Sports

Bielsa is gonna absolutely school him. Leeds get their first win against a big 6 team.

  • Leeds win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Oh we are gonna lose but Leeds still won’t have their first win against a big 6 team.

I am not looking forward to this game in the slightest. Leeds have shown themselves to be fallible, but can Arsenal take advantage of those weaknesses is the question.

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Bamford hatrick incoming

Maybe if we’re lucky Auba will have a shot on target


Well tonights defensive effort has you worrying again. They targeted our right side and played around us and through us.
They run and support a lot and can only see us bringing Xhaka back and sit deeper. Doesnt bode well again attack wise.

Wilson has Chelsea at home next I’m tempted to transfer him out for Bamford and captain him :joy:

It is always like that… We have some shit games and manager is under the rader, then we will bounce back next and manager’s approval rate goes back to 100.
Repeat and rinse.

Anything could happen… apart from us scoring several goals that won’t happen.


Never say never.
We could score a few but it is all about if we can concede less.

1-2 win

Why is this game on a Sunday?

The PL always do this. Even if we’re not playing in the Europa league, it’s almost like we’re not allowed to play on the Saturday

People are so reactionary. I knew most of the votes would be for a Leeds win. They’ve conceded the most goals in the league! Not gonna lie, pre yesterday I would probably have fancied us to beat Villa more so than Leeds, but despite the result we’re not a worse team than Villa. And likewise, we’re not a worse team than Leeds. We’ll still be favourites.

2-0 away win here.

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Yep, 1-4 to the Arsenal at Elland Road isn’t a scoreline we’ll see again for a loooong time

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We haven’t had a draw yet. This will be that game because the Swiss lump will back sitting in front of the defence.
Leeds off the boil now and can’t afford another straight defeat. 1 1.

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I’ll quote this when we lose :wink:

It could be three it’s Henry it’s THREEEEEEE

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Thank god this game is 2 weeks away.

Need a break from thinking about how shit we are.

Being grateful for the international break probably says a lot about how miserable the current situation is.


Nah I’m not grateful for the international break. International breaks are shit! In these times they are even more rubbish. A lot of players are being stopped from travelling by their clubs and those that do go will probably catch COVID and have to isolate for 2 weeks.

Plus, would rather we play again ASAP so that our last game isn’t that shitshow yesterday.


After sleeping on it, I feel a bit better about having a break from club football rather than moving straight into our next game away to Leeds.

Although the bad feeling of the Villa match lingers, Arteta can use this time for true introspection. He needs to sit down and come to terms with what’s not been working, away from the media spotlight.

Not all of our players/assistant coaches will be around but with those who are, he needs to consult and analyse better, show he can move on from the stubbornness.

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Bielsa ball has been figured out by some teams so far, but ideally they would not be the team to play next.

I expect them to approach the game like how Villa did - start on the front foot to try and get an early lead and catch us with our usual slow starts.

Man Utd away was the only time we didn’t start like snails.

Once that lead is in place, Leeds will know attack is our weakness and we can’t rely on the clean sheet.

We have helped Villa out in the past and maybe now it was their turn to help us - to wake us up to our attacking predicaments and hopefully instigate a change to our system and approach.