Leeds United (Fuck Out!)

Wonder if bielsa hired a new translator or he’s stuck with the same one this season.

The thread title is as polite as I’m prepared to tolerate for this pack of unspeakable cunts.


They used to have the dirtiest team in the league and their supporters were no better…
Anyone who doesn’t know what they were like, just search for "dirty Leeds on You Tube.

Their style of play resembled a bar brawl rather than a football match and they were proud of it.


Selling Cantona to United has to be the biggest mistake in PL history.


If it wasn’t for them selling him to Man U, we might not have seen their dominance in the league for so many seasons.

When we sold RVP to them to give them the title that was bad enough but, like you say, selling Cantona to your biggest rivals and watching their continued success was a big mistake, from their point of view.

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Cantona fell out with the manager IIRC. It’s funny Fergie kicked out so many players who undermined him but he must have made exceptions for Cantona because Eric fell out with all his managers. Gary Neville said Cantona would show up to functions with a suit and trainers and if it was anyone else they’d be sent home and fined. There would of been incidents where he challenged Fergie too I reckon that SAF let slip because of how good he was.

Very underrated player even by United fans today


He was the catalyst for me that made united and sealed Fergie into the legend he became.
That holy grail of the title loomed so large and so long at United.
Cantona wasn’t afraid of the challenge of United which had held so many back before him. He embraced it and thrived on it.


Absolutely because United weren’t looking like winning the title before signing Cantona mid season. United had won only two of their last 13 games when he signed apparently. He comes and completely changes their creative play.

Not only did he help United win all those league titles, he’d helped Leeds the season before and took Marseille to 2 league titles too. He also won French Cup competitions with Auxere and Montpellier.

I imagine he totally elevates everyone around him. Also he’d retired before he moved to Leeds because:

In December 1991, during a match for Nîmes, he threw the ball at the referee, having been angered by one of his decisions. He was summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the French Football Federation and was banned for one month. Cantona responded by walking up to members of the hearing committee in turn and calling each of them an “idiot”. His ban was increased to two months, and Cantona subsequently announced his retirement from football on 16 December 1991

Absolute nutcase


No, selling van Cunt to United and Andy Cole to United was far worse.

Not close mate. United might not have ever won a PL title without Cantona but he pushed them to their first 4 titles since the 60s. The only season they missed out on a title was when he was banned for kicking a Palace fan. Cole flopped when he initially moved to United. RVP gave them a whole 1 title