Laurent Koscielny (6)


I’d like to see Holding get given the Chance, we know what Per and Gabriel offer.


Have to assume he’s done for the season. Fuck


If Koscielny’s out for the season then we are fucked.


As opposed to right now when things are going swimmingly?


More fucked. :wink:



Starting order should be this one.


Laurent is our best defender, but I hope Arsène is thinking about a potential summer signing in the role. Holding needs to go out on loan for first team experience, Gabriel is not good enough and Per is too old to be part of the plans.

Mertesacker as 4th CB, Mustafi as starter, Koscielny as super-sub or starter and a top defender with a good number of caps would be a solution.

Mustafi has been an important player for us, but his style is too similar to Koscielny. Now we need a new minister of defense like Mertesacker did (only stupids can appreciate his work with us, despite his weakness).


A bit of good news. He won’t play against Palace but it’s quite likely he’ll be available after that. We need him for the FA Cup.


Thank fuck. We need him in, in fact we need all our best players for the run in If we are to get top 4.


Short term ligament damage? As in he’ll be back in 6 months instead of 12? And it’s his achilles?


Short-term probably still means we are gonna see him again at the end of april :giroud:


How many errors he made this year? Arsène must to find a replacement to build a new partnership with Mustafi.


Harsh. He is still our best CB, plus yesterday he was just back from an injury.


Crazy talk. He’s still Arsenal’s best defender.


I love him, and he is the Arsenal best defender and one of the best in the League, but because the level of the modern CBs is too low.


But that doesn’t mean you move him to he side and find someone to partner with Mustafi. Should be the other way around.

I’ll forgive the odd mistake by Kos as it isn’t the norm with him and he’s been one of the few pieces of the team that you can count on.


Hardly, Kos as good as he looks for us just goes out and plays his natural game in a defence that is not organised at all, imagine him in a Poch or Simeone team for example and he would be a different prospect altogether.

It’s one of the reasons why he is underrated, he plays so well under a manager that is allergic to defensive nous and still plays fantastically well.


So he’s the best defender at Arsenal and one of the best in the league but we need to replace him? That really doesn’t make any sense at all to me.


He is our best defender because has performed for a long time, but talking about the strenghts which a defender would have, in my opinion he isn’t good as Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Godin, Toby, Vertonghen, Ramos, Varane, Pepe, Hummels or Jerome Boateng.

Arsenal should start to think to replace him step by step (some mistakes this season, his age, the cronic injuries), with Rob Holding or finding another CB.


Really disagree with the notion that Vertonghen is better than him.