Laurent Koscielny (6)


I genuinely feel the capitulation would have occurred regardless.


I know this will lead to more ostrichisation and sending to Coventry but i’ve got to say it.
Kossa just isn’t as good as some of you think. In fact he’s pretty average.
He’s defo not a leader and he is’t much of a defender either.
Gets caught out of position too often for my liking.
He also struggles to get off the ground like our German lump.
We can’t keep blaming our other average players for the gaps he leaves in our defence.
Who ever gets the job after our knob jockeys ( more sending to Coventry by the lovers) has got a proper job to do.
He might have to get rid of a dozen players to help this team.

Watch their first goal. Kossa cojldn’t get off floor.
Then that Ronda chance. Kossa again couldn’t get off The floor.
Look at the gaps in our defence when he’s out of position or losing concentration.
W engers problem is he’s built his team round average players instead of spending on quality.


Even the best look shit atm, tbf. Messi would look one of the worst players in the world at Arsenal.


In this case, I’m with Len.

Koscielny looks good sometimes but his limits are clear. He needs to step down on the bench and we need to buy a great CB to build a partnership with Mustafi.


Nah he’s great most of the time but plays in one of the most unorganised and haphazard defences in the league.

Put any one of Boateng, Hummels, Thiago Silva et al in our back line instead of Kos and they would be made to looks like mugs on occasion too.

As good as he is Kos just goes out and plays his natural game, under say a Poch, Simeone or the like he’d be even better and that’s saying something IMO.


He’s not had a great season, but that’s down to the current mess at the club, rather than questioning his abilities. It wasn’t that long ago he was being touted as one of the best centre backs around. He’s been one of our most consistent performers over the last 6/7 seasons. But let’s face it, right now, there’s very few within the team right now that can hold their head up high. And that’s just an unfortunate state we’re in right now.

I really would like to see us put Per back alongside Kos. They worked well as a partnership, and Mustafi just hasn’t been the same since his return from injury. I have no idea why Arsene continues to persist with this, when clearly it’s no longer working for a good while.


He’s always great dark. It’s just a shame we always look Shiite when he’s great.


No way would I want Per back in.

The culture at the club is out of date, and there needs to be a shift.


look at the bayern games when he went off. i actually think Kos is underrated.


Kosh (and Mustafi) are good defenders playing in a team that can’t defend.

You could have Nesta and Maldini there and we’d find a way to expose them. You’ve got fullbacks like Monreal and Bellerin next to you who are both awful at defending, then you look at the protections from the midfield…Xhaka? Ramsey?Coq? All awful at protecting the back four - they are either too thick, slow, cant tackle or all of the above.


That’s the problem with our club and its supporters red white.
They accept mediocrity as the norm.


It’s always hard to tell when a player goes off right after HT if it’s the player missing that is the difference or if the other team just comes better out of the dressing room.

That being said I think Mustafi’s still committing a lot more individual errors overall. One thing both of them are great at atm is losing midfield headers though, leading straight to a counter (and goal).


Big praise from currently the best striker in the league


Return of the Achilles injury


:xhaka: Just what we needed now.


Big blow to top 4 chances… if he is out for any extended period, I’d pretty much say we are doomed as it was already going to be very difficult.


Rob Holding should play every game until Koscielny is fit again. Gabriel shouldn’t still be at the club next season, waste of minutes putting him in now


Terrible news, if this ends up being a chronic issue like Cazorla (he has history with achilles problems too) our CB options are far from good enough.

Rather play Holding who might be good, very good or bad than Gabriel who is definitely terrible.


Did anyone see what Gary Neville said about Kos? After he was subbed on Sunday he said, “Koscielny always goes off. He’s a centre-back. He plays to half-time and then goes off." I usually like Gary Neville as a pundit, but that is just plain lazy analysis based on this game and the Bayern one. He most certainly doesn’t “always” go off and will be a big loss to our team.

Per is around though, and fit right? Even if Wenger doesn’t fancy Holding in every match, surely Per deserves a go over Gabriel.


You know :gabriel: is starting.