Laurent Koscielny (6)


Holding should have played him out of the team at that point anyway :laughing:.


Great stuff! Not only does it mean we get to keep him until his best days are past him, but also when he begins to lose his pace and timing for natural reasons he will still be here teaching manliness to young CBs every day in practice. Awesome.


Great news, pretty much means he sees out his days here then probably a token year or 2 before retirement back at Lorient.


Need to give this bloke a shout out before I go to bed, he was top quality again today.


Yellow for attempting to head the ball?

I’m outraged.


Was a ridiculous yellow card. As was Mustafi’s which is how they got their goal.


Da Boss! :giroud2:


Are these quotes real and in what context have they been said?

I’m going too barf outside for a minute.


Those quotes are real.


Kos is a hugely likeable man isn’t he.


Cannot believe how we absolutely fell to bits the minute he went off the pitch.

We are not worthy.


You can’t believe it ? I know it’s sad but I wasn’t surprised with what eventuated following his departure.


Tbh mate I don’t think any of us were that surprised lol


I’ve seen Kos play in more than enough games that we’ve shipped 4/5+ goals in so I’m not convinced his departure played any role in our collapse. We collapsed because we lost our shape and tried to win a game we never should have tried to win.

I’m not saying he’s obviously not important. But the collapses have happened with him and without him, and tonight’s collapse was because of shambolic game management from our manager.


Gibbs replaced him as captain? Was there a less vocal player on the pitch?


So he is our most important player? He didn’t look badly injured though. Just overplayed :xhaka:


Any confirmation on the length of his injury?


We would have lost over two games regardless, but yesterday his departure did hurt us. Koscielny was the one who hold us together in the latter part of the first half and we lost our shape because of his departure.


I’m not saying his departure wasn’t a loss but we’ve shipped 4-6 goals in plenty of games he’s played so I’m not entirely convinced him staying would have changed anything.


There’s nothing like giving the captains armband to your second choice left back is there?