Laurent Koscielny (6)





What a warrior he’s been for us, top four hinges on him and Papa playing beside one another.


What a hero! True Arsenal legend.


It’s hard for us to label certain players ‘legends’ these days because we are so used to associating that term to players who have won trophies and achieved big titles at Arsenal.

Kosh always played like he’s appreciative to wear the shirt after being plucked out of Lorient a decade ago. He’s been a tiresome servant to the club, a leader and captain, never stepped out of line and been a solid professional throughout giving his all for the club.

But titles aside, I do think Koscielny is as close as can be to a legend here.


From day one this guy always gave 100 percent for the club, even if he made a mistake and had a bad game the effort was always there.
I dont think i’ve ever seen a player get so many bruises and injuries for putting his body on the line, a true warrior!


He’s no lesser a legend than anyone else in his era. I think he’s one of the few players who could have walked into any team in the league and not looked out of place. Cahill, Luiz, Otamendi, Demichelis, all starters for PL champions and I don’t think any are superior to Kos.


Those guys are all clowns compared to Koscielny. Especially David Luiz.

I think @Midfield_Maestro put it best when he described Koscielny as being plucked out of Lorient. This was a guy who made a huge step up, played with a bunch of different partners before forming a really nice duo with Per, endured what should have been a career ending injury and came back as part of a rebuild. Most importantly, his continued service means Mustafi won’t play.


The Bossman :muscle:


Who said our immense captain was finished?


I thought he was totally finished. He had a spell last season (or the one before?) where he came off with some kind of muscle issue every other week then he had a big injury with a long recovery.

I still think that risk is there and he shouldn’t be a 38 game starter but there’s clearly still life in him.


Fair play he’s actually quality I love this guy now.

Puts it all on the line for the club. Unbelievable man.


I definitely thought he was finished. That kind of injury to his Achilles at that age looked like career ending injury. Coupled with our horrendous track record of managing long term injuries (Santi RIP, Diaby RIP) I really didn’t think he’d ever play for us again let alone at that high of a level.






We all know what he really means.




Utterly amazed that he has come back from an Achilles and played like this.

Guy leaves it all out on the pitch every time out. Great example for the younger players to emulate.