Laurent Koscielny (6)


I’ll hold my hands up. I thought he was done after his second major achilles injury. But since he’s been back, he’s actually been fucking awesome and exceeded my expectations.

Partnership of Koscielny and Sokratis is a must for the short term.


Yeah fair play what a guy playing decently despite being ancient and a gubbed ankle.

He also contributes with goals the other end.

One of the ones I’d like to keep. Even if he is a cry baby. But then I’d be crying if I had to share a pitch with Mustafi.


Absolutely. It isn’t a case we did well against Chelsea and against Manure until they both got injured.


Its a matter of time before he picks up an injury though, that’s my worry. If he’s a starter for us I think he’ll blow up before the end of the season. Even before his last injury he was getting injured during games and getting subbed.

I hope I’m wrong because he’s a great old head to have in the squad, and I feel like he’s an Arsenal guy and I’d hate to lose that when we’re signing so many new players.


Have to agree thought he was finished but he’s been good. Hope we can get through the rest of the season with him then make him 3rd choice next season when we sign our new CB


Yeah he can’t afford to be a starter for a number of reasons. That’s why in the summer I’m hoping we sign a quality CB to partner the serviceable Sokratis. Then have Kos and the returning Holding as 3 and 4 options.


Holding and new CB. Emery loves Holdini


Don’t know about you guys and girls, but he’s looking rather majestic in his old age ol’ Lau. Like an eagle.


Its the change of hairstyles. Looking all mature and shit.


I’d put money on him getting injured again before the end of the season.


You’d get rubbish odds lol


He’s doing very well for a guy who has to have a needle stuck in his ankle the day before each and every game in order for him to play


The fact that Kos is way past his best and is constantly injured as well as being one of our oldest players just shows how poor the rest of our defenders are.

If we could get the awareness and experience of Kos and the fitness and athleticism of Mustafi, we would have a very good CB.


Is that still going on?


I remember Wenger talking about it previously on one of his earlier returns from a injury and he himself mentioned it when he came back late last year. I’m not actually sure how much an achilles can even ‘repair’ itself compared to muscular injuries