Laurent Koscielny (6)


best defensive display from a player at our club so far this season. Bosscielny.


He showed why he’s still the best defender we have. That sets the standard for what defending should be at a club at our level.

He was still hobbling around at times and clearly has to be used sparingly, but I don’t think we’d have won without him


Finished btw. Love this from Kos. Btw, it shows again how Kos works better with other leaders(like Papa).


Da Boss is back :kos2:


Wow, he proved me wrong. There is life in him yet.






We have quite a bit of clumsy idiots in our team, half the time they are injuring themselves just by being fucking morons.


I suspected this the moment it happened. We have to be one of the luckiest teams in the league when it comes to injuries


All this talk of the DA Boss is back, is looking silly. The guy is past it, and let’s remember that Chelsea didn’t have a natural forward playing for them. But let’s not have facts get in the way of bigging up our lack luster talent. He’s been a good servant to the club, but for me he’s another who’s been overrated by the fanbase.


Best weve had in ten years and good pro but yeah had some shockers a long the way.


Not sure how people can blame Kos for having his head stood on.


I don’t think he’s been overrated at all.

The reality is he was playing here during the banter years, Wenger made the team to go out and just play their natural game year on year and despite this he has still been an awesome player for us.

If he had been playing all these years under a manager that can actually organise a defence and make the team a cohesive unit from front to back he would have been even better, I’d even say it was a case of wasted potential since he has hardly been given the platform to thrive.

I don’t care who you are even all time greats would have come here and struggled, VVD for example would have got rinsed playing under Wenger. Kos has been playing in a back line that has had a piss poor excuse of a system and has actually performed beyond admirably considering the circumstances plus he’s saved our bacon more than once, I’ll always big him up.


I haven’t seen anyone blame him for that.

With the exception of @Arsenal4thetreble just being @Arsenal4thetreble


He’s clumsy, I’ve never seen a defender from any other team hang on a guys back and then fall flat onto his own back directly under the other player.


You also haven’t seen too much football.


So his injury doesn’t sound too bad. Guess he will be back against City.


I thought he was completely cooked but he has shown enough to keep as a squad option for next season.

I’d try and flog Mustafi and Chambers in the summer and work with hopefully a top quality signing, Sokratis, Holding, Kos and Mav.


Should renew him in the end and keep him as experienced back up, tbh. Sell Mustafi for sure.


We would’ve conceded earlier than we did without that quick thinking clearance :+1: Even with him in the team we still can’t quite manage it