Laurent Koscielny (6)


Thought the Atletico game in April should have been his last game for us and these two games haven’t changed my mind

Sentiment in football gets you nowhere. He was finished last season and is even worse now


Would be a good move for Koscielny


It takes time to recover from that kind of injury and Kosh has been thrown in at the deep end playing with midfielders and right backs as his central defending partner. I think if he’s returned playing LC fixtures and early round FA Cup games partnered alongside a good CB he’d be significantly less exposed.


Struggled manfully on the teams behalf. Desperate times see him playing right now. Deserves credit though for being a top pro and getting out their for us.


I actually thought he was substantially better than a couple of defenders tonight to his credit, still shouldn’t be playing important minutes though at a club harbouring thoughts of Champions qualification.


Another weird as fuck substitution from Emery today.


I think that was more about his body so I’ll give him a pass on that one.


Quite like the Lolo-Papa pair. Ironically they’re very similar players. Two of the guys that started the trend of CBs being overall good and specifically being quite fast. Now they’re all matured up and have to adjust their style.


May well become a common theme, if his Achilles means it’s hard to last the 90 at Premier League pace. I thought he was hobbling around a bit prior to the substitution anyway