Laurent Koscielny (6)


He is back! :slight_smile:


What do you mean finished? Quality or fitness wise?




could go on thursday maybe.


This guy could bench Mustafi on two stubs for legs.


Our U23s were only 1-0 down when Koscielny went off. They ended up losing 5-0.

The future is bright :unai:


Cool. Was Wenga in charge?



I love this man.


Laurent Koscielny: Stronger | Exclusive in-depth documentary

Fascinating stuff.


I’ll say it, I love you Kos but you were absolutely nothing short of awful today.


He shouldn’t play an important game for us again tbh. Hes finished.

Keep him for the farmers in the Europa League


Just coming back. I think he can be useful this year. We have a major issue at defense in general.


It’s his first game back in the PL partnering Xhaka and Lichy.

Too early to make judgements now.


I don’t know why a player would put themselves through going on with an Achilles injury. Is he going to be able to last the number of games it will take to get him match sharp, before the inevitable reinjury? Should be an emergency option only for the first team but I guess that was what today was


Didn’t see the game and obviously Twitter is a terrible barometer but it sounds like he’s toast. I realize Emery had a bunch of bad options to choose from but between this formation and these players we should have learned enough to never play it again (or Koscielny) this season in a meaningful game. That injury is too severe and the margin for error is too small.


He’s really really past it


Miles off the pace both mentally and physically. Has been really bad in the last 2 matches


Yeah but he was already pretty bad before his injury.


He’s our Ledley King from hereon and that never really worked out