Laurent Koscielny (6)




Haha fucking savage, must have seen Koz kick the ball into his own face and cost us the Europa league last season.


Its not surprising at all if true tbh. Koscielny has suffered a potentially career ending injury at his age. He’ll never be peak Koscielny again.


Right decision imo.


Could be Unai has seen something during Laurent’s recovery stage, to suggest he may not be as good as he used to be. I mean isn’t he effectively having regular injections to deal with a previous injury before the current one he suffered? He probably feel’s it’s not worth the gamble and better to look towards someone else that’s more likely to be a bit more reliable on the injury front long term.

I will miss him though if he goes, but a new start somewhere like many of the Wenger mass clear out might not be so bad for him. Hopefully somewhere better than Villa though.


It might also have to do with the fact that he turned 33 years old last september.


I doubt that this is true, he wouldn’t told him that, while he is still recovering!


Only if we sold Mustafi as well, otherwise it would be a nonsense.


Way to kick a man when he’s down lol


I know it’s bad enough being told to leave without Villa been interested in you aswell!


It’s a savage injury he suffered and extremely difficult to return to near your best especially when you’re 33. Still I would be tipping he’s a superior player to Mustafi 3 months after his return from the injury.


Ruthless if true :slight_smile:


Guess he wants us to start losing now like France.


So we can’t sing the Whitney Houston #ohhh I wanna dance with Koscielny# any more?



Much as I love Kos it’s simply the right thing to do. You can’t rely on a player coming back from that type of injury at that age and who has to fit into a new system on top of that too.

It would absolutely end in disaster early into next season and we’d be rightly pissed off with Emery if he did.


This time next year we’ll be hearing about how not being part of the 2018/19 title winning Arsenal team broke his heart and that a part of him was hoping we’d lose rather than romp home with it.


@stroller beat you to this :wink:


Is it the right thing to do or would the right thing be to wait and see how he recovers. Obviously Emery is privy to info we are not. But he’s got 2 years left on his contract anyway and i can’t see the likes of Villa matching his wage.


You mean including this season? I thought 19/20 was the last season on his contract.


Yes it’s absolutely the right thing to do. Wait and see hasn’t worked for us with serious injuries. If he has two years left on the contract we’re into that space Raul talked about where you have to make a decision. This is the only sane decision to make imo.