Laurent Koscielny (6)


He is back :kos2:


Sounds like he wanted France to lose :eyes:


Good. Greedy nations don’t deserve great players.


Laurent does not sound in a good way after missing out on that World cup victory, I must admit I did feel for him as it was an absolute savage blow. How many years to run does he have on his Arsenal contract ?


I hope that is a mistranslation.

You were & are injured Laurent, what were they supposed to do?


I’ve often wondered about this kind of thing, what actually goes on inside the mind of a player who misses out on this kind of incredible success. I’ve often wondered if some players feel negative about that success their teammates had, maybe even resent it and begrudge them it.

But it’s very rare you’d ever hear a player actually say it for fear of being judged. I wouldn’t exactly feel proud of myself for feeling that way, but I have occasionally wondered if I would feel like that in that kind of situation.


I think it’s probably not a surprise he feels that way. He’s been part of the national team for a decade, and he then suffers a crucial injury at the worst time possible and misses out on what proved to be his only chance to seal glory in the biggest Football competition in the World. All that work and effort to get where you are and you’re not part of the action. That’ll always eat at you the rest of your life. The only thing that would lessen the pain would be to win a League title or Champions League.

Nonetheless, sucks to hear that he feels somewhat abandoned from those he felt he needed during his difficult moments. Not a great period for Arsenal players and fallings out with their national teams of late.


It would take a saint like maturity to not have any sort of jealousy towards the players who were considered part of an accomplishment.

I bet even players who were in the squad but couldn’t play a lot, find themselves being jealous of the main core. Players like Dembele who played a role, would be jealous of someone like Mbappe who despite being younger, was more crucial player than Dembele.

But at some point you have to suck it up because the whole thing was natural and not orchastrated.


From what he says this might ruin him and the rest of his playing days.

I hope not but i do worry.


I wonder how Reus must feel. Ankle injury just before the 2014WC, groing injury just before EURO2016 and a shitty 2018WC. Not only that, his world cup medal went to Shkodran fuckin Mustafi :triumph::triumph::triumph: who’s now playing with his bff’s at Arsenal



Reus has got to be one of the biggest examples of wasted potential I can think of. Fucking sad really.


Two words.

Jimmy. Greaves.


Don’t really like this from Kos tbh


Did he ever say anything about missing out?


Nah, but this is the thing. Maybe he should have. Instead he turned to the bottle (a common theory in football folklore)

Maybe players ought to speak out. Or if not, speak to someone. It’s perhaps not only Koscielny thinking like this. Maybe Lacazette is thinking he could have done more than Griezmann and Giroud (an astounding thought given that they’ve actually won the World Cup, but that might be his mindset)

I genuinely don’t know what to make of Koscielny 's comments. On the one hand, he sounds like an embittered old footballer and he’ll only derive support from Arsenal and us fans. On the other hand, at least it’s out there now ans he won’t be turning to the extreme example of alcohol, like Greavesie


so AbouCuellar isn’t around here anymore is he? I bet he have another Diaby example on his own.


What happened to him? Was he banned?


He got tired of being called a hipster.


Nope, just for some stupid reason, he decided not to post anymore. Doesn’t mean he’s ‘away’ from OA though…