Laurent Koscielny (6)


One of the worse feelings in the world must be not being apart of a World cup winning squad after being a mainstay.

Let’s be honest though he’s more worthy of medal than Mendy. Kos should feel as if he contributed.

Let’s get that League title for Kos






Luca is that a serious question haha


Just had to be that Kos finally gets someone who can organise a defence and he’s out with a devastating long term injury.

Is there no justice in this world.



Yeah Per and Kos were a class partnership from about 2013-2016


Taken apart in too many games for me to see them as a great partnership.


Agreed. They were sporadically a very good partnership, like in the screenshot posted above, that’s fair to say imo.

However there are also too many variables that are completely unaccounted for in that graphic, what teams we played, whether other key players were available, and so on.


Rio was right 3 years ago.


That was a stat in 2 years time. For that big a sample size, all other variables even out I believe.
Per-Kos were a class partnership and offended let down by other players around them and eventually the partnership faded due to injuries or old age.


Kos was quite good for Arsenal, even with the howlers in the carling cup and Europa league that cost the games.

Coming back from an achilles is a big, big deal. Wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t the same again.


I’d rather play him without a leg than Mustafi.


It be a shame if Koscielny’s days at Arsenal are over from this terrible injury. It seems like he didn’t have a particularly great season last year (although let’s be honest, no one did lol), but whenever he moves on, or retires soon, I’ll always think of him fondly and stuck around when things got really bad during that period without a trophy. Sure he was part of that horrible mix up at the back when we lost to Birmingham in the cup. But he really redeemed himself after that.

Not only was he one of the important goal scorers in the Cup Final of 2014, but two or three occasions he scored the decisive winner on the final day of League campaigns against West Brom and Newcastle securing Champions League Football the following seasons.

Part of me kinda wants to keep him for two more years, so he reaches a decade at the club, but at the same time, we can’t really hang onto players who fitness wise are struggling at this part of their career unfortunately. Arsenal are somewhat damned if we do, damned it we don’t use him when he’s back, as the defense is an absolute mess right now anyways.


Horrible that we are again now relying on him to come back, even though he is probably finished at the top level.

Even a Kos with no ankles is better than Mustafi man, surely.


The responsibility is with Emery to clean us up. Koscielny coming back is not going to change anything.


He wanted to leave…

“He started thinking about a possible departure from Arsenal at the same time as Arsène Wenger. It was the right moment, the final moment to leave with the arrival of the new manager.

“We were open to different options, China as much as France.“


Fair enough to Kos if he wanted to leave. Would have probably been best for the two parties


Mountainous competition like Mustafi and Papalipidopoli must have scared him away.


It shows how poor our CB options are when a crocked Kos is probably better than all of them.