Laurent Koscielny (6)


If the club can persist with Santi this long they will definitely be giving him the opportunity to come back and prove whether he can contribute if even in a backup capacity.

I suppose it depends how much fight Kos has left in him.


Feel so bad for him. The oain he felt must have been outof this world. No one likes to see that. Cant. Elievr some fans use this injury to ridicule him cus of lately performances.


If he’s ruptured his achilles his career is over. Especially given he already had achilles problems and he’s a player who relied on pace.

Sad end, Cazorla, Kosceilny, Mertesacker all completely done and the disaster that is Mustafi are only senior centre back, we’re desperate for defenders right now


As is tradition. Reason #53492344 why Wenger should have been gone years ago. Sucks at the contract game.


Kosh was such a great defender for us, but just think about this. Is the man single handedly responsible for denying us two trophies? School boy fuck ups against Birmingham in the league cup and of course last week. Taints his time here by quite a lot for me.


It’s easy to see it that way but the reality is if we had been more brave and clinical his mistake wouldn’t have mattered.

First leg should have been at least 3-1 if not 4-1 if we took our chances.


Yeah you can go back to every match and make arguments about the team performance. What you can’t change though is that he is infamous for the Birmingham match and he’s gonna be infamous for kicking the ball into his own fucking face in that first leg Athletico match too. Those are moments that none of the fans will ever forget.

It’s one thing to lose because you were just beaten on the day and opposing team took it to you. It’s a completely different thing to be in full control of matches, and someone does something so insanely stupid it’s etched upon the the fans brains for an eternity.


I take your point, but you did say “single handed”. I don’t want to be accused of being obsessed with semantics, but I really don’t think you can say that Koscielny is solely to blame for our exit. He is partially to blame though, I do think that.


Lol. Alright if you can name me the rest of that starting xi we played against Birmingham without googling it, then point taken.


To be fair had not tried to clear the ball like he did athletico had no chance of scoring.


Huh? I was talking about the Atletico match. That’s why I said “exit”, if you lose a cup final it isn’t an exit, because the competition is over regardless of which way the result goes.

Even if I was talking about that league cup final I’m not sure what you think you’re proving by challenging me to name the whole starting line up lol


Any news about his injury?


The whole Athletico tie can’t be blamed solely on him you are right about that, because based upon what we did in the second leg maybe we don’t go through anyways. However yes he’s responsible for that one goal we conceded which if we have a 1 goal lead going into the Wanda everything could be completely different.

As far as the Birmingham thing yes my bad didn’t realize what you were saying. What I meant was that it’s a perception thing. Of course it’s not all Kosh’s fault, if we’d have scored 5 goals his brain fart wouldn’t have mattered one bit. Perception is reality though, the ONLY thing most ppl remember from that game is Kosh fucking up.


Very good article on arseblog today about Koscielny.

Poor Kos :disappointed:


One thing that should be noted about Kos is that he played in an era where we lacked any kind of defensive nous and cohesion, tactics weren’t worth shit here.

He essentially went out and played his natural game season after season and was easily one of the best and dependable CB’s in the PL, would have been even better under a manager that organises a team back to front with every player knowing what they’re doing with and without the ball.

Will always have love for Kos.


I hate that his mistakes have always come in crucial matches but nonetheless he has been an excellent player for us. Only below Sagna for me as best defender in Emirates era.

Wish him a quick recovery.


6 months. :neutral_face:


Better than the 9 we feared first! He can still be involved next season


It’s Arsenal. 6 months probably does mean 9.

But either way, personally I hope he doesn’t play a big part in next season. Out with the old, in with the new.


After a ruptured Achilles on an already scarred achilles there’s no guarantee he’ll ever play again and if he does he won’t be the same player again, his acceleration will be severely comprimised.