Laurent Koscielny (6)


He can still go back to his boyhood club I imagine. Or some other French club. Doubt his career is actually finished. At Arsenal, yes. But not overall.


We won’t release/sell him during his rehabilitation. Koscielny will be here for at least another season.


Ruptured achilles means game over insert coin. I doubt he will play again, at a good level anyway.


When is his Arsenal contract up ?


Two more years




Fuck we are going to have his dead weight on the books for another 24 months.


Sad way to end for Koscielny. Wish him the best in his recovery. Should never play for us again though.


In his prime, his absolute best quality was his ability to intercept and get in front of strikers as passes were coming into their feet. His agility and acceleration to get in front of strikers and break down attacks was what made him such a phenomenal defender. Fantastic at intercepting.

What gave him the confidence and edge to be this type of defender was his athleticism. He was one of the quickest centre backs I’ve ever seen. There was a time he was arguably the best CB in the league. I seem to recall him being a transfer target of Guardiola when he was at Bayern.

However, it’s clear that his body is not what it used to be. This achilles problem has taken away the ability for him to defend naturally (i.e. being a defender on the front foot) and therefore taken away his best attributes. Not only that, he plays with more inhibition and fear of his body letting him down.

Sadly, he can’t physically be the top defender he used to be even if he is mentally as sharp as ever. If this injury is bad, this might very well be his last season as Arsenal’s first choice CB.


FFS! He has still been loyal to us over the years! Show some fucking respect, you grumpy aussie.


Sport is a brutal business though, well at least it needs to be if you want to be successful. Yes Kos has been a good servant but as things stand it’s a big hinderance having him on the books for the next 24 months.


I know. It’s just that calling him a deadwood is harsh, imo.


Yeah ok it’s probably harsh as it’s purely due to his body failing him. It is what it is though and that’s the harsh and sad reality.


Given the fact he was rested for a week. That’s plenty of rest and got nothing to do with his body.

He was not up for it mentally. That mistake of his probably left a mark on him in this game, which led to him further injuring himself. Wenger should not have played him when he’s psychologically scarred. Utter stupidity.



Stop posting now.


When he leaves I will.


He won’t leave. Nobody will buy an injured player and you can’t release an injured player.


It’s just as well that Wenger won’t be here.
He would be saying the injury isn’t as bad as we thought and we have plenty of quality with Chambers and Holding.

Kos has been our best CB for quite a while but this has been coming and the club have known the situation, with this ongoing injury for a few seasons, so there is no excuse not to buy a top class CB.

With Mustafi also uncertain about staying, and Mertesacker retiring, maybe we need a new CB partnership,
For any new manager, that is going to be a position that will need the most sorting out and, along with a new GK, a must for nest season.

I hope Kos plays for us again but he certainly can’t be relied on as a first team player.


Contract guy can talk him into retirement. It’s the best option all round, I wonder if he was considering it post world cup anyway…

Oh and laying the blame for us going out squarely on his shoulders is beyond pathetic.


Yeah. Would be nice to negotiate out so they split the difference. Kos deserves that at least