Laurent Koscielny (6)


Torn achilles apparently, he’s even more done as a footballer.


Six months recovery time.

Not that I wish injury on anyone. But at least this forces our hand in terms of buying an experienced CB – if it wasn’t forced enough already


Nah he won’t be back in 6 months. I don’t think he will ever play for us again.


I didn’t want to be the one to say it but it’s true, then again Wenger is no longer here so I think the new manager would have realised we need to sign anyways.


Pretty shit end to Wenger and Koscielnys time here


Sad that he injured himself and now garnering sympathy. Let’s be pragmatic here, if he didn’t get injured today. And we lose the game. Everyone will slaughter him because his costly mistake changed the dynamics of the second leg.

If it’s on occasion he makes howlers that’s understandable but he makes it in critical situations.

I won’t be fake and change my tune just because of his injury. Supported him even after the League Cup and silly penalties/red cards he give away over the years. But that first leg mistake was the last straw.


Shame he didn’t do his Achilles before he commited that spastic error that effectively dumped us from the competition


Stick a fork in him, he’s done. I feel for him.

Will be hard to come back close to his best which has been a fading memory for some time now, he needs to be replaced in the summer with a bona fide beastly CB.

Always loved Kos but it’s surely coming to the end for him, been some awesome moments and some incredibly stupid ones. Would have been awesome to see him lift the EL trophy.


What a shit day for him.


He was already running on fumes but he’s completely done now. A sad end to his Arsenal and most likely football career.


Honestly seems like yesterday that we signed him. Sad how time catches up so quickly.


Ouch… 32 and now ruptured achilles… that does seem a bit like the potential end for Koss the boss, at least for Arsenal-level team. Sad to see him end this way, with a whimper on an awful, awful season.

One of my favorites in the post-Invincible era, despite his propensity for dumb errors… he was still probably the best defender during that time that we had.


Gutted for him. Doesnt deserve to go out like this. People forgrt how he carried and bossed our shit defense for many years. Speedy recovery :kos2:


Sucks for him but makes it an easy decision for us this summer as to who we need to replace in the defense.



Hasn’t he been playing on the last sinews of what was left of his achilles all season (or longer)?


I don’t have to look at it clinically to tell you mate, it’s a ruptured Achilles.




Was coming. He’s been on the wire for 3 seasons now.

Feel for him but ultimately has run himself into the ground. Going to miss his last chance for a WC in his life which is gutting. Oh well.


Poor Kos. Such a sad end to his career.