Laurent Koscielny (6)


Feels like that game Campbell got subbed at HT and fucked out of the stadium.

Time to go kos


why didnt he just fucking smack it somewhere anywhere even up in the air to allow defenders to regroup…fucking kicks it up against him i cant believe it.




We all thought this week cunt was one of the best PL defenders :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Worse captain than Gallas


He’s probably cost Wenger his perfect send off, and Arsenal a European trophy.

Fucking idiot.


Got a habit for costing us trophies


this and the carling cup final.

What a huge bottlejob fuck this guy man



He is the first to sell in the summer. Enough of him fucking it up when it matters.


Not quite the big game player then


Hope he never plays for us again. Prick


He’s still been a great defender for Arsenal overall but he’s been at the heart of two nightmare moments and unfortunately that may be what he’ll be remembered for.


Birmingham revisited


Great defenders are f****** composed! He is not a great defender. He doesn’t have the mentality to be a great leader either. Quiet like a lame duck. Have you ever seen him being vocal to the team and backing our players when there are confrontations on the pitch?

We’ve backed him for years and always overlook his clumsy challenges that leads to penalties and mistakes that cost goals that shouldn’t happen in the first place. Rob holding making mistakes are excusable but him?

Even had the guts to think about leaving us for a better club a few years back. What a load of bullshit.


Wenger’s fault for not replacing him already. He’s not been fit for about 3 seasons now.


I could understand if it was a lack of pace or him reacting slowly or something that you could blame it on him being past it now but he did everything right until he fucked it up in a completely unforgivable way.

He made errors like this even when he was good though.


Wasn’t it the same with Szczesny? No matter how good you are when you make those critical mistakes. They are just not good enough to be an Arsenal player and help us challenge at the top flight. He needs to go.


Tbh Mustafi turning into fucking Bambi didnt help matters. Had a chance to stop that.


He slipped, shit happens.

However, Griezmann getting in is down to Kos and the lame attempt at a clearance was pathetic.


He was matching him, he could have just done nothing and Griezmann probably wouldn’t have scored. He was shagged out by 80 minutes, that’s why they were taking him off.