Laurent Koscielny (6)


I think any defender will look exposed in this defence


He does look like he’s on the way down though.


yeah bummer to see usually reliable Kos lose us points. Just like individual defensive mistakes against United. Feelssobadman.


Think he had an absolutely shocking game.




These bad games are becoming too frequent. He used to be reliable but now you don’t know which Kosh is gonna turn up.


We badly need a world-class centerback coming in. Virgil van Dijk?


Sadly, we need to replace him as well. Past it. Think he is even playing through injury.


Persistent injuries and injuries he’s no doubt carrying at the moment coupled with our shitty set up and he’s getting burned more than usual.

Make no mistake though, getting in someone like VVD won’t solve jack shit.


Of course, Wenger is the problem.


Don’t think VVD would think about us for a second when he can go and win the league unbeaten with Man City haha

And like @Darkseid said, this is a systemic issue with roots in Wenger’s management not our back four.


Seems we’re already looking at potential CB signings to help with eventually phasing Laurent out. It’s not nice to watch now but he’s been a brilliant player since signing for us.


Feel for Laurent as he’s been a brilliant servant to this football club, but sadly his body maybe catching up on him.


Declining athletically and being a CB under Arsene Wenger wouldn’t be a nice feeling.


Without his athleticism the gaping holes in his positioning will become more apparent.

A great servant to the club but he needs to be managed more appropriately. Not playing every week. No doubt he’ll play in all 4 of our festive fixtures.


maybe get a new CB and move kossy to DM?


Actually a great idea if it works


All ideas are pretty good if they work, no? :wink: :poldi:


Kos as DM will have lesser passing range than Coquelin.
No thanks.


Koscielny at DM has to be one of the worst ideas ever ha