Laurent Koscielny (6)


Again. Just rest him. We know his achilles is made of glass.


Bet he will get the call and play for France. Pricks.


The squad has already been announced so he was called up, that might change now though.


He’ll rest our game to be fit for France



What idiot retires from France to play for Arsenal :expressionless:


An idiot that earns £75k a week. I’d rule myself out of the England squad too for slice of that pie.


Id rule myself out of mostly anything for a slice of that pie :santi:


Are you saying he’s on substantially less money than Theo ? What a travesty.


Not really, you’ve got to pay a premium for a player that scores and assists so often.




Seriously I agree. People who don’t rate Theo just don’t get it.


That must be why Wenger always picks Kos when he is fit, and leaves Walcott on the bench.

Even your hero Wenger doesn’t rate Walcott.


lol wut? Winger values the EL and he’s got Walcott starting every match and has even made him captain. Theo is killing it too in the EL 3 goals and an assist already and we’ve played what, 4 games?



People should just stop biting now. He’s becoming even more boring with each passing day.


The less we talk about Theo (wtf is there to even left to talk about at this stage) the less we’ll have to put up with this nonsense.


Fuck all ya’ll. The lack of support for our players and manager is disturbing.


“Career at the top level”? With us? :mustafi:


Been a great servant for this club, but sadly I think he’s cooked.