Laurent Koscielny (6)


Good to hear someone say this


Yeh, Kos > Ramos. But Kos had a poor season in 15-16 and last season I can’t really say as I didn’t watch much of it but we didn’t suffer too much when he was gone (Holding > all), may be starting to decline as he’s a bit rash/relies on his physical abilities and if those are slipping a bit…

But yeah, Kos has always been a better defender than Ramos.


In recent years I would say that Arsenal have had 2 world class centre backs, King Kolo and Koscielney, TV was close to it for a bit


More internal arguments


At times Ramsey barely resembles a footballer.

I should just accept that footballers will have issues with each other and that you can’t really judge from the outside, but if true the above pisses me off and makes me dislike Ramsey a bit more than I did.

Which in itself is kind of odd, I’ve seen him win us two FA Cups at Wembley, I should probably like him more than I do.


Sounds weird, but I’m just pleased they’re arguing with each other. The apple cart needs to be upset a bit either internally or from the outside to try and divert us off this course we’re plotting back to genuine mediocrity, and by that I mean like mid-90s mediocrity which was the last time we were genuinely not even remotely League competitive


At this moment in time I don’t disagree with you at all, I think I just got a little mad because I don’t like the idea of someone saying mean things to Lolo


I think Koscielny has shown to be one of our few players who care about us. His children are also big Arsenal supporters.




Bad news indeed. One of Wenger’s few players that gives a shit. Let’s hope he is ok


He played on


I hope he gets some success at the World Cup. With us it’s not going to happen. Brazil and Argentina are going to be very strong too next year though.


He is fine.


did he end up playing the rest of the game?




But, you can totally see him coming back at Arsenal and our staff deciding he is injured and shouldn’t have played on for France. 3 Week injury.



Bolton, right?



Yeah don’t play him,he also better sit out the international period.