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Well, it should. Takes off a game.
[/quote]I do wish the CS was given a bit more prestige. I mean I know it’s down the pecking order of trophies to win, but only two teams have the chance to win it. I mean if we ever won the CL (ha) or more realistically the EL, that would put us into the Super Cup. Something we’ve never won. Some will say that’s a glorified friendly too, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if we won that and had that proudly on display in the team photo :slight_smile:


Agreed. :slight_smile:


if we are going to play Brighton first then let it be away on the weekend…


You just know if we won The Europa League Bayern would also win the CL so we play them in the super cup :joy:


And then we can seek our revenge on all them shit jokes they’ve aimed at us over the years and smash 'em :sunglasses:


What about the fifth place trophy?


Gonna win it for sure. 2-0 to us.


Nothing other than a desperation move for the cup final


No shit!

The tackle was stupidly reckless, and it’s not even remotely debatable. It was a 100% lose lose scenario.

Risking both the community shield and one, possibly two games of next season do NOT justify further reckless behaviour.

@JakeyBoy care to weigh in? Was it justified?


Hi all, please have a read of my blog for today discussing our defensive options ahead of next season. Let me know your thoughts


This needs to be an emoji


Yes!! Great suggestion



:kos2: :smiley: (kos2)


Today is a good day.


Such a boss style! Love him! :heart_eyes:


:laca:+:kos2:+:ozil2:=coolest team in the league


When Laurent Koscielny signed for us back in 2010, not many us could claim to know too much about him - but since then he has become one of the finest defenders in Europe.

The France international has committed the golden years of his career to the club, and he says he has never even considered leaving north London.

“When I first got here, I didn’t think about how long I would stay at this club - but now I am starting my eighth season so I am very happy with this,” Koscielny said.

“I am happy in my life every day, not just the football but my life with my wife and kids in London. We enjoy it, that’s why I have stayed for a long time here.

“I have a long contract with Arsenal and I have [no reason] to leave the club. I am just here to enjoy my job and give everything for the team, and get the best results for the club. If i can do all of that, then I am happy.

Above is from the bbc, nice to know one of our players is happy…


Starting his eighth season here. Fucking hell, where does the time go?!


And to think when we signed him fans complained that he was “unproven” and questioned why we didn’t go for Samba instead :rofl: