Laurent Koscielny (6)


Out of the final now, right?

Fucking disaster for our hopes.


Yeah he’s done for the final.


Mertesacker to make his season debut if Mustafi doesn’t recover? :laughing:


Gabriel and Holding have been good today, tbh. But yeah, we need Mustafi back against Chelsea.


What a fucking idiot.


I don’t get the doom and gloom tbh. Mustafi is back in form, Holding has been excellent and Nacho is solid. Back 3 will be fine.


The most uneeded tackle of the season. What the actual fuck.


Was I the only that had an immediate flashback to him colliding with Szez in goal losing the carling cup final?

Brutal mistake from such a normally solid player.

He’s a big loss for the cup final.


Gibbs will defiantly be starting the cup final because of this.


That’s not necessarily best case scenario but he is a good enough backup. Bland offensively, but we’ll be solid down that side of the pitch defensive wise.


Misses the community shield if we win the cup and our first league game as well

Or if we lose our first two league games


Lol we’ve already lost the first game league of 17/18


Hopefully it’s gonna be Brighton at home. Not that difficult :xhaka:


I can’t believe we even bothered to appeal it to be honest.

The community shield really shouldn’t count though, it’s a glorified friendly!


Why would you appeal that!?

Honestly, hes gone full retard the last few days.


Nah uh Community Shield is a very prestigious trophy.


Not half as prestigious as the 4th place trophy.


He has let us down in some crucial moments in his Arsenal career, he’s had many ups and downs but a good servant nevertheless.


Well, it should. Takes off a game.


I think we need a new defender in anyway. Per’s finished as much as I love him, and Gabriel is an absolute calamity- both should make way in summer. Bring Chamber’s back or loan him again I’m not really fussed but I’d absolutely love us to go and buy another defender this summer.

Virgil van Dijk would be a dream. Just get a nice EPL proven defender in that knows the league, get him settled early and approach the opening game of the season with players that actually have the ability to fucking win the game.