Laurent Koscielny (6)


Feel sorry for Kos having to deal with that.

He’s one of the few that seems to really care about performances so I hope he’s able to manage this ongoing problem/ vulnerability/ weakness, whatever you want to call it- don’t think there’s a more suitable way of describing it.

Maybe we’ve got some leftover horse placenta to rub on it.


Great! So we don’t have to play him that much in the future. Thanks god Holding is stepping up at the right time.


The achilles injury is why I would like to see another CB in the squad next season, instead of Gabriel.

Holding, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal + another CB and the opportunity to use Mertesacker and Kolasinac as emergency options.

A taller and commander CB is what we need to build a strong and solid defense. I’m loving what Holding, Musta, Monreal and Kos are doing, but are tackler, aren’t specialist with aerial duels. We suffer tall and positional players like Crouch, especially during a corner or a free kick.

This is why I was in favour to sign a type of player like Pepe, using him as Juventus are using Dani Alves.


That’s the main reason I want Van Dijk, it’s never gonna happen but still his a monster & is equally as good on the ball as he is off it.


Totally agree, but Van Dijk will never join us with the chance to play the CL, even into a modest squad like Liverpool.


Makes you wonder how any non CL club signs anyone…


Not anyone, but players with a particular status. In my humble opinion Van Dijk want to play for a Champions League team and will not wait again to play this competition.

If Arsenal will be strong enough to convince him to join us, I will be super happy.


I guess Pogba and Mhikitaryan, Griezmann, Martial etc are all just exceptions.

Everyone has a price Maxi, everyone.


Paul Pogba, 89M - 290k p/w

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, 35M (look who is his agent) - 140k p/w

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, free agent but 220k p/w

Anthony Martial, 51M

We’re not Manchester United.


It helps to be the worlds biggest club with more money than God and more trophies than anyone else in the English league.

This logic applies to clubs like Manchester United, but we’re unfortunately not in the same tier as them.


nothing in your post has challeneged my point.
Unless you expect Van Dijk to be on Pogba money?


We don’t need to be, Van Dijk isnt top tier either.


So don’t mention players wont sign because of no CL then, say certain players won’t sign because we won’t offer extreme wages.


Has he moved clubs already?


Day is now an official disaster now.


Was a poor challenge, a straight red seemed rather harsh though.


wow it was a red any day of the week.


Don’t want to make a silly point out of it, but THIS is an example of poor decision / luck that you can’t do anything about.

Whereas taking off a Sanchez to protect him from injury is entirely different


What a fucking idiot.


All I’m saying is I’ve seen lots of similar challengers in the premier league escape with yellows over my time watching.