Laurent Koscielny (6)


Full name: Laurent Koscielny

Date of birth 10 September 1985
Place of birth Tulle, France
Height 1.86 m
Playing position Centre back


The most recent twitter rumor is that Bayern are after our man.


Fuck them! :ozil2:


Lolo, my darling :kosc:

Today we have understood how is important the frenchman for our defense. Vardy and Okazaki in the pocket.


He’s immense. That was one of the best CB performances I have seen in a long while.

Without a doubt the best in the PL :heart:


Kosh the boss is back in town.


One of Wenger’s finest signings…£8.45m


The difference he makes to our defence is amazing, and also frightening.


Subbed off around 80’. He looked fine.


Top class defender.


The Telegraph running a top 20 PL players running out of contract next summer.

What the fuck? They’re going on like he is some shit flop lol


Well whoever wrote that hasnt watched Kos the past few seasons! What a load of toilet that is!


That is so retarded! I thought everyone knew Koscielny was one of the best CBs in the league now… Even genuine mong reporters have picked up on that.


The press usually have poor football knowledge. Everyone in the world of football knows Koscielny is a very good CB. Wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve had multiple bids from other clubs behind closed doors over the years.


Ferdinand: “Koscielny is the best defender in the league”.

Case closed :ozil2:


Happy birthday big man!


Happy birthday Kos da Boss! Best CB in the league by miles!




“When a defender does that, he might as well walk off the pitch and retire”

Please don’t, Kosc. :wink: