Lacking Motivation

I doubt it’s just me on here but I find it hard to motivate myself to do much outside of my norm, it’s been a few years now and it’s getting annoying, I make plans to go out and do things (on my own, or with family and friends) and then hardly ever stick to it because for some reason I just would rather do nothing, it’s frustrating but I can’t seem to stop it, also when I have time of work (like these last 2 weeks) I think in my head about what I want to do with that time off but just stay at home on my playstation really, all else I really do is go to morrisons and just waste my time off doing nothing, I like doing nothing but not constantly

anyone else like this or have been like this? How do you stop it

It happens sometimes mate. I think we can all go through lull periods where we feel largely unproductive and lack any desire to do anything. What I will say is, maybe you need to find something to work towards as that can give you more of a purpose which can drive motivation.

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Calum’s lived all his life like that.

Wouldn’t worry about it

he’s out down the pub a lot, well pub gardens


Definitely agree with this. I’m always doing something then moving on planning on to the next thing or doing that next thing. I’ve come to realise I’m an obsessive person so whether that be work, running, cycling whatever as long as I’m enjoying it it’s a positive. I’ve definitely in the past become obsessive about doing nothing too. That’s plagued me for years and it’s only trial and error that will help you find the things you want to/like to do.


did it affect your friendships?

Isn’t that just what Scotland is like in general? Maybe Cal is just going with the flow?

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Honestly, no. We’re a pretty tight group and never been the peer pressure type so if someone doesn’t want to do something that’s cool, maybe they’ll do the next thing. Music, film, sports we all have varying tastes and different people want to do different things.

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Yeah I’m usually out most weekends. This is the most weekends in a row I’ve been in since I was able to go out :disappointed:

What are your hobbies or interests may I ask? @LTG

I think the guys here have pretty much nailed it. Find out what sort of person you are and what makes you tick - and that will pretty much drive you on.

If you’re driven by results, then absolutely, pick something up like a DIY project where the end result is something tangible like a coffee table (or whatever).

For me personally, I’m pretty lucky to have a lot of interests that keep me well occupied when I’m not at work and not in the company of friends/my partner. Working out, cooking, gardening, reading are the examples that spring to mind but even then I’ll admit that I find myself at times slacking.

I don’t think that’s an issue as everyone needs days and hours in their life where they can indulge on doing what they want, or nothing at all. For me, the cut off is when I eventually realise I’m being lazy because I’m tired, but in effect I’m tired because I’m being lazy.

It sounds weird but what works for me is actually making myself a mental timetable and adhering to it. I.e. wake up and have a coffee, followed by an hours workout and shower, try out that recipe I read last week and cook it for lunch, then do a crossword and once all that is done, I’m free to go and do nothing (and by then, doing nothing feels fantastic).

Just to repeat that though, that’s what works for me personally, turning my hobbies and things that I feel enrich me into chores.


Also @LTG I think you can be gentle with yourself. We are living in extremely stressful times. It’s not so odd to find yourself feeling out of sorts. I definitely felt a little disconnected during the height of lockdown and still feel weird knocking around the store in a mask.


it started way before lockdown and @CliftonGeraldi I enjoy swimming, but last year I got myself a years membership to my local swimming pool and didn’t actually use it once

You need glucose Luke



Have you spoken to a doctor. Could be a medical term or maybe a counseling condition. Either way its worth a call because you seem a hard working bloke with a nice disposition too me.
You deserve and should try to get as much out of life as you can mate. This pandemic should tell you how precious life is. Give them a call Luke.


actually went out today that wasn’t work or morrisons :slight_smile: had a really good day in hastings with my family :slight_smile: