La Liga Thread

Have a feeling he’ll be a better player than Vinicius. Much better.

And I have a feeling Martinelli will surpass them both. :flushed:

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YES. :handshake:

eeeeeeasy now friends :sweat_smile:

edit: Cadiz could’ve had 10 goals by now probably.

We only need Farmersliga to join in on the fun to find out where the award of of bum league goes to.

Serie A clear…

I can’t comprehend Benzena outlasted them all. :rofl:
We used to hound this guy like he was Lacazette. People wanted him gone instead of Pipita. :sob:

And now he’s favourite to win the Ballon D’Or. Miracles do come true.


He’s on any list of greatest over 30 strikers for sure.


I don’t think there’s many that trump him in that list. He simply doesn’t play like he’s over 30. It’s nuts.

I could appreciate him so much more if he kept his life simple.
I have to commend Perez for sticking with him as well. Anyone else could have easily replaced him with Lewandowski, Aubameyang etc; when Benzema was only recording 19 or 12 goals back in 2016/17

Rumour back in the day was that Zizou was a massive supporter of his. I’m sure others grew into appreciating and supporting him in the team. Ronaldo was probably a key one.

Barcelona are such a scummy club

Translation - [Pol Alonso] Barça have told Braithwaite’s entourage that if he continues with the same attitude of not wanting to leave the club, they will take severe measures in the coming weeks. They want him to leave the club.

They basically signed him because it suited their situation at the time as they had a player injured, he was at Leganes and they were able to buy him outside of the transfer window because of that weird La Liga exemption. They screwed Leganes as well from what I remember because Leganes couldn’t sign a replacement and had to let Braithwaite go as Barca met the release clause.

I hope he holds out and tells them to either pay out the rest of his deal or accept that he’s staying. Bag of cunts.


Yeah exactly. They made their bed, now they can pay it.

Fucking arseholes.


I’m fairly sure he is very rich too (even by footballer standards), I think he has a whole bunch of property investments with a family member, so he doesn’t really even need to play ball (both metaphorically and literally in this case).

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Oh yeah, he’s richer than the vast majority of footballers. He runs a property investment company with uncle in America and I think they own something like 1,500 properties over there.

He’s net worth is significant lol

He also doesn’t have to worry about the WC tbh, he’ll always get picked for the team (or at least the bench) because of his specific skillset.



for what? surely he cant be on that much money…am i missing something here?

Probably looking to do a remake of the 1988 classic Akira with the money


omg fuck yes :smiley:

edit: actually it would probably be shit and blasphemous to the original, nvm.


What the actual fuck