La Liga Thread

Haha Real Madrid turn it around, 2-2 Nacho earlier (82nd), and now 3-2 in 90+2… who, if not Benzema





Incredible player.

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Theres a limit to the drip when you’re wearing Skechers lol, 68 years old or otherwise.


I don’t care how comfy they are there is never a good excuse for wearing Skechers.

You can definitely find cooler Allbirds, Asics, Nikes, Adidas etc. that are just as comfortable and less disgusting lol

Real just kicked off vs Espanyol at home, they rotate heavily but need only one point from this game to win the league.

If they do Ancelotti will be the first manager to win the “big 5” leagues: La Liga (Real Madrid 2022), Bundesliga (Bayern 2017), Ligue 1 (PSG 2013), Premier League (Chelsea 2010) and Serie A (Milan 2004).

Legendary manager :muscle:


I wonder how many managers have even managed across all five? At a top team in each league too. I’d say he could easily be the only one to fit that criteria.

But that said he’s done it and it’s still impressive and he’s certainly one of the greats.

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League titles in 5 countries, 3 CL titles (4 finals) with 2 different clubs.

Has to be the next Italy boss to see his career out.

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Rodrygo with the 1-0, genuinely no clue how come he started scoring all of a sudden, is that 4 in his past 5 games or something?


Just seen he only scored 1 goal in his 28 league appearances this season. Crazy poor return for a 21 year old winger signed on such big money.

uh he scored again, actually not even a deflection, just a clean finish? what is even happening.

Why are you surprised? This is Madrid. :rofl:
Players you thought were finished somehow resurrecting from the dead. :sob:

well I am surprised Asensio the cunt flipflops the ball in the top corner nonchalantly for 3-0 after not living up to my unrealistic expectations after that one season five years ago when I fell in love with his footballing and thought he would be the perfect cyborg mix of Dutch and Spanish football :sob: :sob:

Benzema 4-0 in the 80th. No clue why he comes on he should be protected in the fort knox for the City game but whatever, 26th league goal I think.

Real win, 35th title, yada yada.


He did fuck all for Napoli though, what a fraud.
Jokes aside it wasn’t really hard to fail with Bayern,PSG,Real and Chelsea. But I was impressed with how he turned Milano around.


Ligue 1 has a nerve being a top 5 league tbf but great achievement from Don Carlo


Goes down as an all time great even before this particular achievement.

18 years separating his first league title and his most recent. Shows that he’s not lost his ability to motivate and manage players despite massively changing training methods, tactics and player mentality / psychology.

Phenomenal achievement to continue succeeding at the very highest level at so many different clubs and starting points. He’s also managed so many of the best players across his career - Kaka, Shevchenko, Pirlo, Ronaldo, prime di Maria, Ramos, the best from Germany, Lewandowski etc.

You’d need a squad of about 50 to cram in all of the best players he’s managed during his career.

So likeable too (as far as I’ve seen). Not like Klopp or Pep or Jose or SAF who one way or another, find a way to come across as petty, bitter or petulant.

Maybe he has had incidents of that but I’ve only ever seen the guy exude pure class.

Don Carlo indeed.


Also has his own emoji :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tbf surely should’ve won at least a title or two more considering the quality of the teams he lead at that time.

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