La Liga Thread

Bald Gianni talking L’s left right and center

Goals per game in the top European leagues…


Not usually a fan of number retirements in football but Messi no10 should have


His number should have had a few years untouched at the very least.

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Sackable offence for me


Definitely and her so called apology is utter garbage as well.


:100: sackable offense. Her “apology” was just as gross as her original statement. See ya later loser.


Benzema brace what a jet, currently 2-2 with Celta Vigo.

Weren’t Valencia cash strapped and bottom half last season ? Currently leading Real Madrid 1-0 and top of the league I think.


Real equaliser

Real ahead now, Benzema is such a quality footballer.

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They looked very pedestrian for much of the game. Looked like that first goal for Real took a weird deflection off the defender’s thigh and Valencia just collapsed after.

I’m not convinced Real are any good this year. They should have had Casemiro sent off in the first half too. That tackle was industrial.

Barca down after less than 2 minutes.

Are the fans behind Koeman?

Like supporting him? I think most fan know he’s going to get sacked eventually this season and just want the board to do it quickly so they can move on.

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Hahaha seriously?

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Yes, also Luuk De Jong is still as bad as everyone remembered.

I wish someone makes a documentary on this

Luiz Suarez late show, 35 years old in Jan and still going strong.