La Liga Thread

Two former Everton managers managing the spanish big two lol


Not sure if this is sarcasm ? 38 game seasons aren’t really Unai’s thing.

The guy managed to lose a one horse race in France. Of course it’s sarcasm. :rofl:




Ramos creating all that fuss again so he can get his money again.

Also, seems like Varane has made up his mind.

We’ll see if that changes after the Euros. Madrid should just sell him and go for Kounde.


Mad numbers for a CB


Love Ramos, born winner and so entertaining to watch haha.

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Might as well get him if we’re being insane with getting more defenders.

A club legend and this is all he gets?! :grin:

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Did you read it?

Real Madrid C. F. informs that tomorrow, Thursday, June 17, at 12:30 pm, an institutional act of tribute and farewell of our captain Sergio Ramos will take place, with the presence of our president Florentino PΓ©rez.

Sergio Ramos will then appear before the media at a telematic press conference.

I mean, it’s still a very underwhelming tweet for a club legend.


Got better with age that’s for sure but a serial winner and one of the few CBs in today’s game that would have been an elite in better days.

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Ramos’ scoring 101 goals is pretty insane for a CB.

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I’m not really sold on the guy, but he seems to fit the criteria that Barca have lacked up top. Not sure how well he will do though, based on their recent signings not very…


So now they have the following forwards: Messi, Aguero, Depay, Griezmann, Dembele, Braithwaite, Coutinho (okay he’s a CAM but they don’t play a CAM so he’s a forward)

They should probably give one of them to Atletico so they can win La Liga again like last year


Wait a minute how can they sign him now? Isn’t he at the Euros? I was told that Arsenal couldn’t do any business because of the Euros.

Haha players can do, just down to them and the clubs :grin: he is a free agent which helps, and by the sound of it he agreed to sign with them before the tournament

Oh I know. Just wanted to kvetch a little.