La Liga Thread

He really has, I have been converted.

But he needs help.

Atletico are too dependant on Suarez. His goals have dried up a bit and so have their wins. Felix is not producing. They don’t have the depth at the front to win.

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What was the point of signing Dembele? Same with Torreira. Same with Kondogbia.
Simeone has certainly highlighted his stubbornness this season.
Keeps on persisting on what initially worked, even when the opponents have figured them out and his current starters out of form.

Koeman actually has a chance to do the double with Barca in his first season. Didn´t expect that.

With Messi you always have a chance.

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Huge win for Barca, 90th minute goal by Dembele.

El Clasico next weekend could be decisive.

Had your chance to make a statement Valencia and backed out of it. Twitter doesn’t count.

Why not? It’s just about the most effective method for them to disseminate their statement to the widest possible audience.

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Staying off the pitch was the effective thing to have done.
Not returning without the player abused. Tweet as much as they want the momentum has gone. They blew it or coward use which ever term suits. For me they let themselves and their player down.

Messi masterclass incoming.

El Clasico underway but not a peep here or Twitter.
Says it all. :grimacing:

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I’m watching but it’s just so meh without fans in the stands.



Hopefully everything will be back to normal next year ffs.

Yeah in normal circumstances a clasico that could decide the title would be a great watch but this just feels a bit underwhelming. Not the same without fans


Barca’s kit btw… :face_vomiting:

Fucking Benzema. 1-0

Hala Madrid!


Atleti must win the title. The clasico is going to plan

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I think they will.

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Madrid and Barca are so crap ffs. So many misplaced passes and bad controls.
Used to be a time where this was extremely rare for these two.