La Liga Thread

He was also always a bit overrated. He was, at best, the third best player at Atlético. Never a top 10 player in the world, or whatever it was he was called after he scored some goals for France.


@oompa I hear Luka Modric is still killing it at his big old age. May even get an extension.

Big respect

Also, RM should have learned their lesson in 2019, loaning players to Unai Emery sides.


I haven’t watched La Liga much this season but I’ve just seen that Cadiz won at Real Madrid today… how did that happen?!

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Real didn’t get a pen.

No pen, no party.

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1-0 defeat against Getafe for Barca.

#Valverdeout :rage:

Messi only 1 goal and 0 assists so far this season, I haven’t watched much of it but that’s bizarre for them.

It’s a shame Atleti and Sevilla won’t get their shot together as the league is potentially there for the taking

Barca are such an unbalanced side, Griezmann was a terrible signing not because he’s bad but because he doesn’t fit the team whatsoever.

Depay would have added to the problems too, Koeman as their manager will likely compound issues as well.

Messi can’t get out of there fast enough.

Good ebening top the league

He doesn’t want to be there and he thinks Koeman is a cunt (probably). He could easily have his worst season in a barca shirt.

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