La Liga Thread

man that hollow fragile shell of a club that is the current Valencia CF concede a goal 30 secs into the new season :neutral_face: to Levante :no_mouth:

Their first XI doesn’t look at all bad.

1-1 good ol’ Gabriel :gabriel:

1-2 Levante again lol edit: nope, VARd

another goal, 1-2 for real now, Morales again, nice finish. whilst Valencia look poor, they’re looking good tbh

2-2 Maxi Goméz with the reply, fighting back :xhaka2:

How has ex-Arsenal trainee Yunus Musah played?

No idea mate couldn’t even tell you who it is.

On a totally different point If you ignore PSG the rest of the league is quite competitive I’d say.

Shame PSG win it by default every year

Unless Emery is manager, then it’s not done by default every season :sunglasses:

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Haha :joy:

Although tbf that was the only season they had genuine competition then signed their best fucking player :joy::joy::joy:

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Let’s leave that part out, it doesn’t suit the narrative as much in this case.

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wow 3-2 lol

@Aussiegooner just noticed we are in the wrong thread :joy::joy::joy:

La and Ligue to fucking similar :joy::joy:

Hahaha fucking hell.



yeah, that’ll work:

Messi: I am fed up i demand to leave

Barca: You are not leaving because of XYZ we will force you to stay against your will if we need to.

Messi: I have no choice but to stay i am far from happy with this i am pissed.

(2 weeks pass)

Barca: Oh BTW we would like you to take a paycut also please

Messi: (can’t be written on this forum)

Barca playing a friendly against Girona rn:

Not bad from the second greatest of all time :pires2:

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That kit looks fucking outrageous.



Barcelona and Nike should be banned from football for the state of that kit.

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I’m not sure I’d want it for Arsenal, but as far as it being someone else’s kit, I quite like it.

Proper Miami colour palette, gives me 80s Miami Vice vibes lol


Reminds me of millions

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:joy::joy: do you think they get them in England?

The bubble gum ones were fucking ELITE

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