La Liga Thread

I wish we had a terrible manager that could get us to the top of the league :smiley:

It took’em so long for this

Aye, if we had their false 9 instead of our false #9 then we’d be champions and 2nd in the league right now.

Setien at 61… this is his big shot. I’ve heard nothing but good things and when I saw his Betis re play it looked superb at times.

I think IF he can get the Barcelona heads on bird we might actually see some nice football at the Camp Nou again.

But that’s a big if.


Barca get the dream away tie. Ibiza away :heart_eyes::joy:

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Oi Oi



A friday or saturday fixture,and you’ll have a good time whatever the score.

They clearly have the Privelege of playing in Ibiza. Let’s hope they remember the occasion for a long time and don’t suffer from Amnesia.

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Atletico losing 2-0 away to Eibar. Aside from a good showing in the Spanish super cup they really have looked out of ideas. Looking like it may turn ugly vs Liverpool.

Qique’s Catalans kick off. Let’s see how attacking your football can actually get lol

Barcelona have had 82% possession in the first half lol.

nice goal, 1-0 Messibot, they’re vs 10 men but nice combination goal.

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Heard a bit about Riqui Puig but never seen him play before, did well in the build up to the goal

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yeah never even heard of him but did well there.

How has Joao Felix been doing in his debut season?


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about as well as Benteke

Seriously, I don’t get what’s funny?



Perhaps you could help me?