La Liga Thread

Everton reject, Martinez, is favourite to be new Barcelona manager.
Everton reject, Koeman, also on their list.

What’s wrong with Pochettino?

He won’t go. Loyal to Espanyol, sadly.


Yeah because people struggling to make ends meet with 2 jobs have “so much more freedom.”

What a spoiled, unaware brat.

I don’t think Koeman or Martinez are poor choices. Koeman would be the more preferred choice but I think Martinez would at least deploy an attacking brand of football that suits Barcelona and probably get much more out of Dembele and Malcom.

Martinez strikes me as the kind of manager who isn’t very good but might actually find himself success at Barcelona.


No way Koeman will leave the Holland post already, even for Barcelona. 0%

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Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if he finds success at Barcelona, if Messi keeps rattling in 50 goals / 20 assist type seasons it’s almost impossible not to. Even Valverde won back to back titles.

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No Artea then.

Hairless charlatan.

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Roberto Martinez is actually a pretty good manager but Barcelona need a CL which I don’t think he can get them to achieve

He’s actually not a pretty good manager at all. He’s pretty fucking shit to be honest with you he’s just ultra gung ho so he might thrive at Barcelona trying that with the talent they have at their disposal.

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Martinez is the only coach in the world capable of beating Southgate’s England twice.

If that doesn’t make him an elite manager I don’t know what will.


The fuck

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This is the kinda thing Arsenal would do

Sign a Japanese player nobody gives a fuck about? Or fail to sign a Japanese player nobody gives a fuck about? Or both?

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Jasper Cillessen signing for Valencia, having his medical right now. Good move for both parties.

Wonder if that means Neto is off.

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Apparently Neto is going the other way to Barça

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Quite the tradition.