La Liga Thread


Don’t know how reliable these shmucks are but they’re claiming Zidane will return to Real.

I find it hard to believe but maybe they promised him a few big name players in the summer.





Real Madrid could really use a tall, goalscoring striker, that can only breath through his mouth


Think it’s the wrong move for Zizou. Should have waited until the summer and returned to Juventus.


According to the BBC article he’s getting full control over first team affairs. Which is what he asked for in the summer and why he left when Perez said no


Wow! I thought he would have only come back in june, not now. Big balls from him.



Real won’t be on it for a while, coming off of those CL wins with a pristine resume was the right move. Going back so soon is a mistake, thought he was more astute than that.

This is where you’ll see the truth about Zidane, no more Ronaldo and won’t be winning the CL like it’s nothing. He still has quite a few question marks tbh.




I would assume he will get to spend a shit tonne of money in the summer, including a marquee signing like Hazard or even Neymar. I assume that was part of the reason he left in the first place.

Big job to revitalise the squad. The spine is aging e.g. Ramos, Modric and Benzema. Still need to replace Ronaldo and also Bale too if he is sold. Expect the Premier League to be ransacked as they rebuild. Hopefully they target Spurs.


I believe it’s genius.
He moved out so people can see the lack of quality in the team rather than throwing blame at him and detoriating his credentials.
Now he will be looked at as a saviour plus will be handed a large transfer budget


And probably doubled his salary. He really put himself in a fantastic negotiating position, holding all the chips and basically making Perez beg him to come back and agree to all his terms.

Brilliant strategy


He must have guarantees that Madrid are going to spend seriously big this summer. Not sure how it will end up but I’m mpt convinced this is the right thing for him


Hopefully Real go on a spending avalanche and sign Hazard, Kane & Eriksen.


Wonder what Madrid is expecting, his CL Record is great (grumbles) but his domestic record leaves a lot to be desired, Barcelona been swooping up all the trophies apart from 1 La Liga.


Should have left his Real Madrid reputation as a manager intact tbh.

Juve was the right move


It seems Zizou wants CR7 back! MADNESS INCOMING!


Never going to happen


Yeah, just some media suggestion.


He’s got arguably the biggest job in the world, this time he’s probably getting the pay to go with it, along with 0 expectations and 0 opportunity to blemish his flawless European record.

If he wants to coach then why do it in a lesser job when this one’s on offer? It’s going to take a lot to fuck up his legacy there.