La Liga Thread


He is just a money-grabber today, as he is finished as manager.


1-0 Espanyol

1-0 Espanyol at HT.

1-1 FT.

Alaves-Eibar, Atletico Madrid-Leganes, Barcellona-Rayo Vallecano and Getafe-Huesca today.
Alaves 0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT.

1-0 Alaves

1-1 Eibar
Atletico 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Atletico FT.

Atletico win and go 4 points behind Barca.
Raul De Tomas strikes again! Isn’t on loan from Real Madrid? @will24

Guess we need another Messi special. Valverde is just a pathetic manager.
Terrible defending from Rayo. 1-1 Piquè.

1-1 at HT. Typical Barca playing crap and yet not losing in the league.


Huge dive by Semedo there.

Messi converts the pen, obviously


Refs saving the bum. Lyon are going to eat these cunts up midweek, aren’t they?


Only if Depay is up for it


What a dive lol! 2-1 Barca.

Clever free kick from Messi. Off the line!
The game is not over yet. Rayo looking dangerous.
Nice move from Barca to kill the game off. They can still play well at time.

3-1 Barca FT. You can record a Barca’s game and then watch it for the whole season because it’s always the same with them: start crap, concede 1/2 goal, then they come back without even looking great.
Huesca surprising again. They are currently leading Getafe.

Huesca up at HT.
1-1 Getafe. Golazo!

Getafe up now.

So Getafe cement their 4th place with a 2-1 win against Huesca :cech:


Celta Vigo-Betis, Girona-Valencia, Levante-Villarreal, Seville-Real Sociedad and Valladolid-Real Madrid today.


Betis need to win today to save Setien’s job I feel


And to think someone wanted him instead of Emery :grinning:


I think he’s done a great job to be fair. I can’t believe some Betis fans want him gone :confused:


His problem is that his style of play is very naive. He would get destroyed in the Premier League.


Yeah they were very naive in the Europa league game. Think his style would suit Barça well, even if they would be less consistent than they currently are!


0-0 at HT though. They score less this season.


Betis score! Jese!

Betis win so they stay in the race for the Champions League. Only 6 points behind Getafe, with 11 games to go.



Valencia up. Rodrigo is becoming a complete player.

1-1 Girona

1-1 at HT.
Valencia up again.

2-2 Girona

3-2 Valencia FT.

1-0 Seville

1-1 Real Sociedad

Both Seville and Villarreal draw at HT.
2-1 Seville

3-1 Seville

4-1 Seville

5-1 Seville. They are running riot!

5-2 Real Sociedad

1-0 Villarreal

2-0 Villarreal

Seville and Villarreal win.

It’s gettings worse and worse for Real. Penalty to Valladolid! Missed though!.
Now a disallowed goal for Valladolid!


Real Madrid already losing to Valladolid


Disallowed by VAR.


fat-ron in the audience (at Valladolid) :heart_eyes: legend


It’s Valladolid though, as they need the win more than Real.
Lol! Another disallowed goal for Valladolid!
Finally a legit goal for Valladolid! Well-deserved.

1-1 Varane. So undeserved.

Casemiro close.
1-1 at HT. Real being lucky once again.
Real up now :xhaka:

Game over. Great header.

Valladolid should have scored here after a nice cut inside.
Valladolid hit the post FFS!
Casemiro off!
4-1 Real FT. They push Getafe back :mustafi: