La Liga Thread


Why not? His goals talk for him.


Was robbed of the Ballon d’Or in 2015/2016

All because Portugal won the Euro’s, might as well have given it to Eder.


Betis 0-0 at HT.



Valencia up. Nice move!

Valencia reach the final! @will24


Didn’t think they would lose tonight anyway, the first leg killed Betis!


Vallecano-Girona for the league tomorrow.




Girona up at HT.

2-0 Girona FT.


Espanyol-Valladolid, Villarreal-Alaves, Huesca-Seville and Real Madrid-Barcellona again today.

1-0 Espanyol

1-1 Valladolid

1-1 at HT.

2-1 Espanyol

3-1 Espanyol

3-1 Espanyol FT.

Villarreal-Alaves 1-2

1-0 Alaves

1-1 Villarreal

2-1 Alaves


What time is El Clasico, Luca?




Huesca up against Seville.

2-1 Huesca FT. They are back in the mix to stay up.

1-1 Seville

2-1 Huesca


Great finish from Rakitic, 1-0

This game is shaping up nicely tbh


Sexy finish from Rakitic, underrated player IMO


There will be a red card in this game, I would be amazed if there were not haha


Busquets doing his best Xhaka impression tonight :joy:


Ramos is such a shithouse. Pretending he is the one who is injured :laughing:


Kitten woke up up at 7am, I usually feed him at 530am as that’s when I get up for work, but last night I went to sleep at 3am.

Only positive is I’ll get to watch most of this Real Madrid vs Barcelona match.


Ramos is a different scale of prick hahaha