La Liga Thread


Leganes-Valencia, Atletico Madrid-Villarreal, Valladolid-Betis and Levante-Real Madrid today.
Valencia up at HT against Valencia.

Another draw for Valencia :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

1-0 Atletico

Atletico up at HT.
2-0 Atlletico FT. Still 2nd.


I hope the rest of the post has some sort of retraction & apology towards the game of football.


Preach it. Coutinho has been very poor.


You know one of the main reasons why.

He has not been doing the business, Dembele was getting savaged. Gotta keep the same energy.

At age 21 Dembele is a key man now whereas Coutinho could be surplus, they spent way too much money on him. Then again perhaps Coutinho needs a manager who is actually good at his job to help him.


I rate Coutinho highly but a player of his calibre was never worth that much. If Dembele can grt his attitude right every week then he will match Mbappé


Liverpool RINSED Barca for him haha. What a sell from them


Dembele is the only player around Mbappe’s age that will be able to compete with him in the years to come.

Special, special talent.


Don’t think Dembele & Barca are a good match though


How’s that?


He is more Kloop player than a Pep player for me, if you get what I mean.


Can’t say I get that.

Dembele is a blank canvas tbh.


He is more Ramsey than Cazorla, if you get what I mean.


He is more Pogba than Alcantara, if you get what I mean.


He’s nothing like Ramsey or Pogba, are you implying he’s not intelligent?


No no

He is more Ronaldo than Messi, if you get what I mean.


Betis up at HT.ïssa_mandi_47/

2-0 Betis FT.




Lucky, lucky Real here. Levante hit the post!


technique porn :giroud2:


Lucky, lucky Real here. Levante hit the post!
Levante creating some dangerous chances.
LOL VINICIUS! Does a Messi-esque move here, then he forgets the ball :arteta:
How is this penalty to Real? Comical decision. Levante player was just protecting his face. 1-0 Benzema.

FFS! Real’s luck is back! Levante hit the post again!
Real leading at HT, but being crap.
Levante would deserved to equalize.
Some chance for Benzema! Should have scored here.

Bale on.
Pathetic dive from Casemiro! The referee falls for it though and gives Real another penalty. 2-1 Bale.

Nacho off! C’mon Levante! Get something out of this game!
Levante down to 10 men as well.
Standard Real win: play crap and get lucky. I am not even angry.