La Liga Thread


Why did you @ me haha


You and cristo subscribe to the false god CR7. Others too but I forgot who they were


They should get banned for this. Never doubt the :goat:!


It’s perfectly reasonable to think CR7 is better than Messi (or, seen over a career or w/e). Just because Messi scores a hat-trick doesn’t mean CR7 is out of the debate when he has more hat tricks in La Liga than Messi. With less natural talent and a shittier team but harder work put in he has managed to in many aspects score more goals than Messi in some metrics and win more things in some. It is not ridiculous to think CR7 is better, nor is it ridiculous to think Messi is better, but it is probably ridiculous to think there is no contest whatsoever imo lol


There was 0 contest when they both in La Liga, even less of a contest now lol



I don’t think it’s reasonable at all.

On what basis? Messi is the superior player by a distance, it’s a testament to Ronaldo that he has been the only one to compete with Messi all these years but yeah there’s no argument to be had.

Messi is the only player I’ve seen play that could be the best #10, #9, CM or wide player in the world. It’s like he’s the ultimate striker and facilitator in one player.


Come back to me when Messi wins the Euros with Portugal :wink:

Joke I like them both but Messi has been better this season haha


Alaves 0-0 at HT.


What do you mean “compete with him”, he beat him competitively. at a bunch of things. And I mean winning things. And often with a worse team. So as far as estimating the quality of an individual in a team sport which itself is a bit meh and obviously we’re all subjective to some degree, to me it is instead silly to conclude that there is no competition when he literally beat him in a bunch of competitions and winning means good, especially when you’re the one scoring the goals and scoring is the win condition of the sport.


To be fair I probably exagerate the difference between them. They are both elite players who are unmatched in the modern game. But I’ve yet to see an individual season where I have thought Ronaldo >Messi. In 2015/16, 16/17/, 17/18 I have always considered Messi better over the season. Especially considering their indiviual stats. That’s considering the team Barca have had compared to Real which has been a little worse on paper.

On a different matter CR7 is just so much kore difficult to like(see last wednesday)


Alaves 0-0 FT.


I think 16-17 I have to give to Ronaldo, and 17-18 Messi edges it just, but I have seen the light in that they are both mesmerising.

And over the years where one has had the better team they have done better, which makes sense. (08-12 and 14-17).

But Messi just has so much more to his game, that he is unquestionably #1.

In saying this, I am fully expecting Ronaldo to go super Saiyan and score a hattrick to send Atletico out and Cristo and Calum @'ing us. Would not surprise me in the slightest.


Im tryna think back to 16/17 but you may be right tbh.
As a whole Barca need to do much more in the CL to cement his legacy amongst the critics. Still we’ll see how Ronaldo is perceived if Juve go out to Atletico…


Lionel Messi would probably drag this disjointed Arsenal squad into the title race, the bloke is just that fucking good.


Winning games 6-5 every game what a lifeee


Bilbao leading Eibar atm.

Bilbao up at HT.
1-0 Bilbao FT.


Fully expect this. :joy:


Haha I don’t care that much but will do it now seeing as you mentioned it :wink:


Insane hat trick from Messi but the highlight of the game for me was seeing Jordi Alba get slapped in the mouth while challenging for a header.