La Liga Thread


Yep, his weaker foot.


Barca getting closer and closer now. Seville have dropped off.
HATTRICK!!! :goat:


He’s like a robot :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


36 goals against Seville for him lol!
Could have been 3-3 here!


Dear lord it’s time for him to go get #6 as he singlehandedly leads Barca to the CL


Cristiano is better don’t ya know


Messi having to bail this waste man out yet again.

The :goat: strikes again


Just the 50 career hat-tricks for Messi…


Suarez with a nice chip. Messi to assist this time. 4-2 FT.


@Electrifying and @will24


In his last 21 games against Sevilla Messi has 23 goals and 14 assists.

Safe to say he doesn’t use lube.


@Cristo @Calum watch this you peasants


barca to me arent anything really that special, the only thing that makes them special is Messi, once messi retires they will be so different and not in a good way they would be so so much easier to beat.


I think when they get in a great manager they will potentially have a great team waiting when he’s done, Dembele, de Jong, Umtiti et al.

Right now though you’re right Messi is the guiding light.


Arthur Busquets De Jong

Some midfield next season so yes, they need a better manager.


They should get Tuchel in or something. Maybe Klopp once he’s done at Liverpool. Or even Xavi or something like some random former player.

But tbh fuck Barca.


Ronaldo scores hat tricks too haha


Sour grapes.


Didn’t you get the memo? Barca’s manager has to be shit and speak Spanish :expressionless:

Poch then? :arteta:


They should get some Dutch guys in again. Like Koeman, if they want someone shit.

Like Rijkaard, who was underrated.