La Liga Thread


I love Ramos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: amazing defender but that was obviously clumsy though lol


He’s one of if not the most overrated defender in recent memory.


lol haha (this off of JOE):

He now holds the record for:
most yellow cards in LaLiga
most red cards in LaLiga
most yellow cards in the Spanish National Team
most yellow cards for Real Madrid
most yellow cards across the European Top-5-Leagues
most yellow cards in the Champions League

Ramos is amazing, one of, possibly the best one-on-one CB in the world and has been for many years. But he clearly also has a pinch of Mustafi in him, but then he has all the other shit that makes you win at football ofc.


Sure he scores goals but in terms of defending the shit he gets away with all the time is a flat out joke.

He’s overrated as hell.


Let me defend my opinion with a Brady-esque length post :rofl: :

Ramos is absolutely great at the type of defending he does, one of the best in the history of the sport. I just feel like it evades everyone who criticise him, as one big misconception that just keeps going year in and out.

He doesn’t defend for teams that play like Mourinho, he doesn’t defend for teams that defend like Atlético, and he’d look bad there. If you switch him out for Godin in the past few years he’d look pretty poor. But those are teams that defend in a compact structure with pressing midfielders and even defensive forwards doing the work.

Pause a game at a given point when an attacking midfielder is about to attack, say Atlético, who probably concede the fewest goals in top football lately, get praised for their defending etc. The attacker will face a hard working unit, a wall of discipline. Everyone drills positioning all day and they look solid as fuck, and that’s great for them. It’s easy for people to then go on and say wow all their defenders and keepers etc are absolutely great all of a sudden, and yes their way of doing it is obviously successful.

Then pause any game when an attacking midfielder is about to attack Real. What do you see? probably Ramos and a sea of space. That’s what he has to work with, game in and out lol he is put in one-on-ones all day every day year in and out, and he is probably the best in the world at it if you want that type of football, which is what Real and the Spanish NT play like.

The key point is: any defender in the world looks like a fucking idiot all the time if you put him one on one with world class attacking players. But if that’s the football you play, you want the best at that, and that is him, and that is why he has as many CL wins as Messi and everyhing else a player could want from any level of the game.

That’s why they go get another similar player, fast and strong as fuck in Varane. Because he’ll be all alone out there game in and out lol they don’t utilise positionally sound defenders, they want the best one on one defenders they can get because that’s the system they play in. And they do look caught out a lot because that’s how their team is instructed to play. Varane is a bit more well suited for structured play though, but has less of that mental strength and winner’s mentality that Ramos has. And yes he sees more cheese slices than a McDonalds worker but it is mostly (not in today’s case) because he is a bulldozer, he is like Mustafi but good at it. He makes more mistakes than the general “good” defender but has a much, much harder job to do as well.

The likes of Ramos will always look shit compared to structured defenses and defenders in those defensive systems, but if you had Real for a day and put Godin and Gimenez there you’d be fired before the day was over lol they’d be absolutely demolished. That’s why he gets into the world teams every year and is all those lists of best defenders etc. And he didn’t even have Casemiro there to help him most of his career like he does now :sweat_smile:

The goal scoring is a bonus, but what could be said about it is that he scores important big game goals and match winners all the time which is a bonus. To continue the comparison, the reason Real beat Atlético in the CL finals is because Ramos scored the goal to get them to stay in the game. Last week they beat Atlético 3-1. Look at the opening goal bicycle kick by Casemiro:

It happens because Ramos goes up and beats FOUR Atlético players alone lol

tl:dr; he looks bad if you want a defender for an organised defense like Atléticos, if you want to play one-on-one he is a nightmare to face. Goals are a bonus.


Valencia 0-0 at HT.
Another useless draw for Valencia. They are drawing too many games. @will24


Yeah I’ve always been confident Barca will win the league this season as Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid simply aren’t as strong as they have been in recent seasons.


Exactly. Being a consistent defender for an all out attacking team is never considered while assessing the defender.


Could be a huge 3 points for Villarreal today, great to see as I don’t want Santiago Cazorla being part of a side that gets relegated.


Important lead for Villarreal against Seville.

2-0 Villarreal. Seville are like us away from home: just crap.

3-0 Villarreal FT. They are back in the race to stay up.

Betis already up.

1-1 Alaves

1-1 at HT.
1-1 FT. Both Betis and Alaves stay in the race for the top 4.


Huesca-Bilbao today. Huesca have the chance to go only 3 points behind the 17th spot.
Bilbao up at HT.

Bilbao win.


Espanyol-Huesca today.


Winnable for in-form Huesca!


@will24 @Craigie?

Eleven Sports have now lost La Liga aswell #fuckedit

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Its still on 11 sports they just both have La Liga now… :confused:

Ligue 1 Thread

Lads lads lads lads


Is La Liga going to be on every channel?!


When it comes to ridiculous TV broadcast deals, nothing beats Formula E right now, it’s shown on about 5 different platforms in the UK this season :sweat_smile:

Good news for those interested in La Liga. Been a while since a major European League, was on free to air TV.


Yeah, hopefully they can stay up in the end.



Espanyol up at HT.

1-1 Huesca

1-1 FT. Not a bad point at all for Huesca, but a win would have been better.