La Liga Thread


Malcom has grown into the game. Hope it’s Coutinho subbed off for Messi and not him




What a goal!!

Thoroughly deserved from Malcom


the whole situation is due to a Mustafi-level clearing attempt by Vásquez though lol


Why bring on Messi?

Valverde is awful.


The whole situation was so chaotic that I only knew what was happening when I saw the ball rifle into the net haha

Vidal > Rakitic
Messi > Coutinho
Casemiro > Llorente
Bale > Vinicius

Glad Valverde didn’t sacrifice Malcom


Yep. And I mean, Real simply do not have the edge going forward to warrant playing like Real Madrid (should) play, right now. They should’ve had players like Hazard and Firmino already last summer 1.5 years ago imo. To be overly dramatic, they’re on life support right now by their standards and it shows. Barca have been a bit back and forth but Messi carries the game when needed and Suarez is perhaps not at his peak but still very reliable as a scorer.


Bale is bang average.


Gary :poldi:


I think they were reluctant to spend the Ronaldo money in one hit but it’s clear that they should’ve gone in for Hazard last summer. Instead they’ve left it to next summer where they will also have to replace one of Modric/Kroos and perhaps a Carvajal replacement. Failure to spend wisely this summer could be disastrous for them

Lol @ Bale


Injuries have fucked him no doubt about that.

Would be a different player without them.


Yeah also they’re buying a blinking cleaning robot for a stadium for whoknowshowmuch. But Solari seems to not get along with Isco, Asensio lost form then got injured and is maybe ‘back’ now, Vázquez is Real’s Walcott, 27 by now and just not getting there, llorente is not cutting it, Mariano is not getting too much time but is bad match form, Odriozola seems alright perhaps, Real seem to play well when Ceballos is on, not sure if it is him or not etc. But my point is, the new garde, the ones supposed to take over are not really doing it for Real, enough for them to not buy more than one proper player in 3 years. Barca have done better at least if you consider Alba, Sergio Roberto, Coutinho, Dembele etc.


1-1 FT. Good result for Barca, even if they conceded. Messi to qualify them in the second leg.


Is a score draw in the home leg really a good result ?


Barca have a pretty good record at the Bernabeu iirc


Yeah I know, just saying in isolation Real Madrid would be pretty happy with a scoredraw at the Nou Camp.



Been benched for Denis Suarez in the cup though.:grinning:


The undisputed GOAT and it’s not even close.


Fantastic article on the greatest natural talent the game has ever seen. It’s one for those unfamiliar with just how incredible he was prior to the devastating succession of near career ending knee injuries.

The numbers from Ronaldo’s year in Barcelona might be enough for you: 47 goals in 49 games, 34 in 37 league appearances. Four hat-tricks. Seven braces. From mid-January, he failed to score in only five league games he played. Oh, and he’d only turned 20 a few weeks after signing.

But Ronaldo that season didn’t just accumulate great statistics – he thrilled like few others have while doing so.

We remember this season because he combined everything that makes us want to watch football. Blurry-footed skill was matched with barely-human speed, in turn complemented by pulsing strength. He was cerebral, visceral and physical all at the same time: this was everything you could ask of a footballer, contained in one man.