La Liga Thread


Messi has been carrying a mismanaged Barcelona for too long.
Someone get him a proper manager ffs and watch him win everything.


or midfielders like Xavi-Iniesta. Not that they seem exist right now, but would surely help :sweat_smile:


Seville 0-0 at HT.
Another away defeat for Seville. 1-0 Celta FT.


Villarreal-Espanyol, Betis-Atletico, Eibar-Girona and Real Madrid-Alaves today.


Big test for the mattress makers today.

And the battle of the little guys! :muscle:


Villarreal up at HT.

2-2 FT. Villarreal fucked up a 2-goal lead.

1-0 Villarreal

2-1 Espanyol

2-2 Espanyol. Golazo!

Atletico 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Betis FT.

Eibar thrash Girona.

1-0 Eibar

2-0 Eibar

3-0 Eibar

Real up at HT.


the 3-0 goal by Real a bit of a golazo, although Alaves had clearly already given up. Still it looks sexy when you see a fast through pass, a faster cross and an even faster header lol


3-0 Real FT.

2-0 Real

3-0 Real


Appreciate the effort pal, enjoy catching up on these now I miss out on La Liga on TV


Rayo-Leganes today.
Leganes up at HT.

2-1 Leganes FT.

1-1 Rayo

2-1 Rayo


The channel may be on life support but I’m very please with this


Barca-Real Madrid for the Copa del Rey semifinals first leg today. Truly can’t wait!


Valverde playing his best team available, bar Messi :facepalm: @Darkseid


This scrub :gabriel:


Valverde already needs Messi. 1-0 Lucas.


Great start from Madrid, 1-0!

Have a feeling messi will make an appearance tonight :grin:


Malcom lol terrible finish.


We need the :goat: immediately.


Gotta take them if you want a starting spot. Dembele/Messi/Suarez wouldve scored that 9 times out of 10


Real up at HT. Get Messi on.