La Liga Thread


6-1 Barça. Entertaining game and probably their best of the season. The thing is I read some Barça fans didn’t really care about the copa considering that they solely want the CL and league. Seems a little short sighted.

4 copas in a row and now on course on their fifth you’d imagine, quite a record despite their European form


What a goal


Not bad from the 5th best player in the world


5th? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s where he finished in the Ballon d’Or vote.

Total farce.


Yeah unfortunately he’s only got 26 goals and 14 assists in something like 23 or 24 games this season. Lagging behind Griezmann who has 18 goals and 2 assists this season.


I didn’t get @Calum’s sarcasm :bellend:


I’m used to it :santi:


British and italians are very different. Se usually don’t get your jokes :bellend:




“Tana, loaned to a Chinese team”


Oh yes :arteta:


How to Win Free Kicks and Influence Referees



Documentary, it’s documentary


It’s a just a portmanteau, what’s the issue?


It’s lame



I actually basically engineered the opportunity to play scene this out in a conversation with a mate at work today, and I was going to relay it on here tonight and tag Mysty haha


Nice finish from Benzema to put Real up against Girona.

Girona close to equalize with Stuani.
Now it’s Marcelo who comes close.
Benzema again! Nice strike.

2-0 Real at HT.
Still no clean sheet for Real. 2-1 Girona.

Golazo from Llorente!

Real are through.