La Liga Thread


i suppose if we ever were offered him for elneny in a straight swap deal i think it would be fair, but only just.


More ads Luca. Sorry, just deleting them at this stage.


Listen, it’s not my fault because when i post them they don’t have any ad.

I am not gonna write in any international thread anymore at this point.


That’s your call. If you can find a way for the site to benefit financially from the ads I can get over it. :slight_smile:


I only know Reddit as source.


Only thing I suggest is making sure they don’t embed?

So just post, but put a space before you paste the URL and we have to click the link to watch vids.

It’s not as nice visually but no ads!

You still get to post goals, we still love it and everyone’s happy, no?


That would work.



Ok sir. Thanks for the advice :wink:


Espanyol up at HT against Betis.

1-1 FT.

Girona score against Real! Great defending lol!

1-1 Lucas

Benzema can’t hit a barndoor these days.

Ray Hudson is a fucking drunk fucker. He is getting on my nerves.
Good ball in from Lucas. Just a bit too long.
Oh! Great shot from Vinicius! Just off the bar.
Good game overall because neither side can defend :smile:
It looked a penalty to Real here.
Now it’s penalty. 2-1 Real.

Benzema hits the post!
2-1 Real at HT. Enjoyable game!
2-2! Ahahah!

Does Solari know a team should even defend?
FFS! Ramos completely free in the box. 3-2!

Girona have collapsed. 4-2.

4-2 Real FT.


I know Ramos is a bit of a dick, but I still love him. Yet another paneka from the big man. His scoring record is unreal for a CB. 101 career goals.


How many mistakes as well? :bellend:


Seville-Levante 5-0

1-0 Seville

2-0 Seville

3-0 Seville

4-0 Seville

5-0 Seville

Atletico-Getafe 2-0

1-0 Atletico

2-0 Atletico

Leganes-Eibar 2-2

1-0 Eibar

2-0 Eibar

2-1 Leganes

2-2 Leganes

Valencia-Villarreal 3-0

1-0 Valencia

2-0 Valencia

3-0 Valencia

Valladolid-Celta Vigo 2-1

1-0 Celta Vigo

1-1 Valladolid

2-1 Valladolid

Girona-Barcellona 0-2

1-0 Barcellona

2-0 Barcellona

Bilbao-Betis 1-0

1-0 Bilbao

Real Sociedad-Huesca 0-0

Espanyol-Real Madrid 2-4

1-0 Real Madrid

2-0 Real Madrid

2-1 Espanyol

3-1 Real Madrid

4-1 Real Madrid

4-2 Espanyol


Alaves-Rayo today.
0-0 at HT.
Rayo win and climb out of the relegation zone.


Struggling to believe this. Barca are his boyhood club.


The Copa del Rey quarter-finals return leg starts today.
Getafe up at HT against Valencia.

1-1 Valencia

2-1 Valencia! But it is basically impossible to go through. Too little left.



Wow what a collapse by Getafe, conceding 2 goals in stoppage time to get tossed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Wow Barça doing a number on Sevilla. 4-0 at the moment (4-2agg)


Betis-Espanyol 3-1 FT. Betis are through.

1-0 Espanyol

1-1 Betis

2-1 Betis

3-1 Betis

Barca up against Seville thanks to a penalty. Ter Stegen just saved another one as well.

2-0 Barca. Just another team with Messi.

2-0 Barca at HT.
3-0 Coutinho.

4-0 Sergi Roberto. :goat: created it.

Seville should have scored here.
Game one! 4-1! What a cock up!

Sergi Roberto wasting a great assist from the :goat:.
Some counter from Barca to kill the game off.


Barca are through.


Predictable turnaround in the 2nd leg at the Nou Camp for the catalans.