La Liga Thread


He just went down on his own in a very similar fashion to Bellerin. held his ankle afterwards I think though


He wasn’t stretched off like Hector though.


Yeah just gave me a flashback because they sat down so similarly


I dont know. It’s 50/50 for me. 2-1 Barca though.


yeah hard to tell. Commentators here raise an interesting point though: if that was two outfield players going to kick the ball at midfield and one comes in foot up like that, would the refs give a free kick? They probably would. Actually maybe not. I have no clue lol

edit haha Suarez :rofl:


Suarez and Cuellar showing to be 2 WC cunts :smile:
3-1 and game over. :goat:! How can you be so good?

3-1 Barca FT. Still 5 points ahead of Atletico.


he has ridiculous balance, what a player.


Eibar-Espanyol today.


Barça sign Kevin Prince Boatang on a six month loan lol


Just came here to post this lol


Bumcelona amirite :arteta:

(I apologise)

Nah but seriously what they fuck did you buy Vidal for you morons. Valverde :facepalm:


Barca don’t seem to generate new academy graduates it seems.


Yeah their academy is something that should worry them, plus their recent strategy for buying replacements instead of recruiting from within. In fact things have got so bad for them in this regard that Real Madrid now have better youth prospects and a younger team.


WTF!? :bellend: Such a weird move!


This stems from messi i reckon. He is so good and without fully realising it there is such a high benchmark in that team that so many youth players in their academy unless such a stupid high level with most kids cannot achieve they get shafted and they buy up other teams talent to plug the gaps. They have been spoilt so now very good talent seems ‘meh’ to them to they get left by the wayside whilst they will spend 100m on the likes of Dembele and Coutinho.


valid points, to add I think they also realised that their remarkable stability and consistency on the pitch for almost a decade came from Xavi-Iniesta-Busquets, and with 2/3 gone they look increasingly like a team with obvious holes in it being carried by Messi and the urgency to maintain that stability has led to purchases rather than trying to find a new combination like that within their own ranks or at least trying to build it back, since the odds of that are pretty slim anyway. I guess that’s what you said in a way with different words perhaps.


Official now, wow.


Eibar up at HT.


They needed someone better than Munir which is basically anybody lol.


3-0 Eibar FT.

2-0 EIbar

3-0 Eibar