La Liga Thread


On the commentary they said it was Messi’s 400th league goal in something 435 games lol. Just ridiculous numbers, football will definitely feel less special when the hype is on the pretenders such as Neymar and Hazard, who really are a shadow of Messi’s quality.

Good win for real tonight too. Although I saw they had about 30% possession :open_mouth:


Real Sociedad-Espanyol today.
2-2 at HT.

1-0 Real Sociedad

2-0 Real Sociedad

2-1 Espanyol

2-2 Espanyol

3-2 Real Sociedad FT.


The Copa del Rey round of 16 return leg starts today.
Getafe up at HT.

1-1 Valladolid

1-1 FT. Getafe are through.
Sporting Gijon keeping Valencia at the bay atm. 0-0 at HT.
Valencia still drawing and not creating many chances to score.
Finally Valencia score.

2-0 Valencia

Valencia are through.


Atletico are out! 3-3 against Girona! @will24

1-0 Atletico

1-1 Girona. Great strike!

2-1 Girona

2-2 Atletico

3-2 Atletico

3-3 Girona

Seville-Bilbao 0-0 at HT.
FFS! Leganes should have scored against Real here.
Leganes wasting some good chances.
Finally Leganes score. Real are just fucking shit this season.

Bilbao up as well. Still a slim chance to go through for them.

Seville are through, while Real are losing at HT.
Should be 2-0 to Leganes, tbh.
Finally a chance for Real. They hit the post.
2 great saves in a row for Navas! Real should really be out today. Unfortunately, they are through.

Real Sociedad-Betis 2-2 FT. Betis are through.

1-0 Betis

1-1 Real Sociedad

2-1 Real Sociedad

2-2 Betis

Espanyol up against Villareal.

2-0 Espanyol!

Villarreal pull one back.

The :goat: so close with a great free kick.

3-1 Espanyol

Messi close again.
Unbelievable how easy is for Messi to play.
Quick 1-2 for Barca. 2 assists for the :goat:.

1-0 Dembele

2-0 Dembele

Messi misses the 3-0.
2-0 Barca at HT. They are in control. Meanwhile, Espanyol are through.
Coutinho’s goal is disallowed for offside.
3-0 the :goat:! Cool as you like.


No such problems for the catalans in the return leg.


Dembelè close to the 4-0.
Barca are qualified. 3-0 to them FT.


Sounds like just the guy we need :unai:

Have you got a video of it @Luca_from_Italy


Dembele looking sharp this season!


But how far did he run ? That’s all that really matters.


Can’t wait to see skill like that for Real Arseitis.

Incidentally that’s the condition that affects me every time I see our team defence a 1 goal lead away from home.


Getafe-Alaves for the league today.


Just needed a chance and to be constant.


Getafe up at HT.

4-0 Getafe FT. Getafe are another club that is having a great season.

2-0 Getafe. Golazo!

3-0 Getafe

4-0 Getafe

Real Madrid-Seville, Huesca-Atletico and Celta Vigo-Valencia today.



Should resign, tbh. He can’t say that.


I wonder when he’ll next fine Barça fans for getting involved in politics?


2-0 Real FT.

1-0 Real. Golazo!

2-0 Real

Huesca-Atletico 0-3.

1-0 Atletico

2-0 Atletico

3-0 Atletico

Good away win for Valencia.

1-0 Celta

1-1 Valencia

2-1 Valencia


Betis-Girona, Villarreal-Bilbao, Levante-Valladolid, Rayo Vallecano-Real Sociedad and Barcellona-Leganes today.
Girona 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Betis. Golazo!

1-1 Girona

2-1 Girona

2-2 Betis

3-2 Betis FT.

Bilbao up against Villarreal.

1-0 Bilbao at HT.
Villarreal equalize.

1-1 FT. Useless point for Villarreal who are still second from the bottom.
Rayo already 2-0 up against Real Sociedad.

1-0 Rayo. What a strike!

2-0 Rayo

2-1 Real Sociedad

1-0 Levante

Levante and Rayo up at HT.

2-2 Real Sociedad

2-0 Levante

Real Sociedad draw, while Levante win.
Messi starts on the bech for Barca.
Unbelievable move from Barca to score here :cech:. Probably one of their best ever.

Dembele :fire:!
Ahahha! Suarez still diving well.
Barca leading at HT thanks to a fantastic Dembele. He is finally stepping up.


Lovely goal from Dembele for the 1-0


Dangerous cross in from Leganes, then Dembelè shoots just off the bar. Nice start to the second half.
1-1! A bit of the blue!

Who the fuck is Braithwaite? He is destroying Barca’s defence.
Gues who is on for Barca :henry2:
Arghh! Looked nasty for Dembelè here. Malcom on.