La Liga Thread


2-1! Game on! Deserved.

2-1 Barca at HT. Nice game.


Around 2013 I believe! Unfortunately he suffered a pretty major injury in 2011 so he declined a bit by then but I still would’ve took him instantly

What a strike by Suarez that was. Struck it with his left leg firmly planted to the ground too


Should have been 2-2! Barca still crap at the back.
Barca have been so crap in this second half. Getafe deserve to draw.
Messi misses the 3-1 1 vs. 1 with the goalie.
Messi close again.
Barca win, but what a struggle for them in the second half!


I was kinda hoping they’d do this with Spurs and Liverpool players more so than Hazard.



Learnt from :ozil2:


Probably not, but probably from Xavi though :blush:


Barca have pretty much dominated La Liga for Messi’s whole career. They’ll win another title this season.


As much as he’s been magical and was probably my favourite player in the world when he was about 17, I must admit I look forward to the day Messi retires or declines so that football can reset. I find it a bit boring these days to watch him be so much better than pretty much all opposition.


Just the 22 goals and 11 assists in about 20 games for Messi this season then. Hopefully that helps lift him above Griezmann in next years placings.


In the last 11 or 12 years Real Madrid have won a couple of leagues, Atletico 1 and Barca the rest ? That seems about right does it not ?


Mourinho coming to fix the ship again.


Remember Mesut against Burnley? :wink:


Celta Vigo-Athletic Bilbao today.


Even when people find it boring, it turns out to be a compliment for Messi…haha


Feel bad for you man, I don’t watch La Liga but when I see Messi play or see clips like the one above, it’s still a pretty joyous experience :slightly_smiling_face:


When he’s finally done he’s going to leave such a hole in the game.

To not see his brilliance will be a surreal and such a shame , we’ve been spoiled really and I think many take him for granted despite his greatness.


And hopefully with time people will come to realise how truly ridiculous it was to ever think CR7 was a better player than Messi.


Yeah, it’s a testament to Ronaldo that he is the only one that could even attempt to be in competition with Messi for so many years but it’s laughable to say he’s better or even on par with the GOAT.


Ronaldo is by far and away without doubt the 2nd best player I’ve seen though.