La Liga Thread


What a free kick from Griezmann! So undeserved though lol


That’s Atletico: play crap, get points.


Seville should be at least 2 goals up.
UNBELIEVABLE! Atletico are fucking lucky.
Oblak keeping Atletico in the game.
1-1 FT. Lucky lucky Atletico!



Benzema :arteta:. Christ! That was the easiest chance ever to score.


Look at that amateur hour by Real again. Low-key one of the worst sides at defending. Especially given the personnel they have.


How are Real missing so many easy chances?
Real Sociedad up at HT.


Real can’t score for shit today :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Now Real Sociedad should have scored.
Vinicius needs to improve his finishing because he should have scored a brace today.
Crap finishing and shit defending. Real are all over the place.
Lucas off ahahahah! Real down to 10 men.
Real look better with 10 men :smile:
Finally! 2-0!

2-0 Real Sociedad FT. Real run the risk of not even finishing 4th.


Real Madrid will finish top 4, but they are absolutely pathetic this season.

As I’ve said a couple of times, waiting to see what they do in the summer will be absolutely intriguing.


That’s why Zidane bailed, he could see this steep decline coming a mile away.

He wanted no parts of this team.


Perez on the phone to Mourinho as we speak :joy:

Think they’ll go in heavy for hazard this summer, but they’ll have to get their managerial appointment right for that to happen…

Anyway unless they fluke a CL win it’s going to be a disastoruous season for them. Another league title for Barça is pretty much inevitable.


No Ronaldo means no CL, just isn’t happening.

Thank God, they made a mockery out of the competition already.

I think they may rival United for Poch, the Solari shot in the arm is dead in the water.


The ‘Benzema is world class’ crowd have been dead quiet lately.


Didn’t expect the team lead by the world’s best player and Ballon D’or winner to be so poor…


Come on Real, panic and make a move for Pochentino


Ramos decides the next manager, not Perez.


He’s survived this long by virtue of being Perez’ golden boy and also the perfect foil for Ronaldo who didn’t want to be playing with a prolific striker. Now with no Ronaldo he’s exposed further.

He is categorically not the guy.


Dembele finally getting starts.
Lucky Barca here. Getafe had a goal disallowed.
So many yellow cards so far.

Messi just doing a Messi here. Nice ball to Suarez who misses an easy goal.


Dembele keeping Coutinho out the side.

And to think they considered selling this guy :xhaka:




What a player he was, such an accomplished finisher.

I remember there was a mini golden era of strikers in the early 2000s - Del Pierro, Shevchenko, Henry, Ronaldo, Raul, van Nistelrooy, Owen, Trezeguet, Inzaghi, Crespo, Batistuta in his later years etc.

Once that era ended, it became the Messi / Ronaldo show but you had guys like Villa and Eto’o who were simply outstanding for a period of time, but I fear will be a little bit forgotten due to the outrageous dominance of those two. But Villa was pure class and will always be remembered fondly. His goal record for Spain is also fantastic.

I seem to recall we tried to sign him a few years ago from Barcelona, and being as excited as I’ve ever been over a transfer rumour.